WordPress, the leading and most capable website builder, is used by over 64 million websites worldwide. The number of users keeps growing every year. If you want to create a brand new website, WordPress is one of the most outstanding options. You might not be sure how to begin working on the platform. However, you will find numerous resources to answer all your doubts and provide you with detailed training on tackling the challenges you might face while creating a WordPress platform. 

As you know, WordPress is simple and easy to learn, providing space to get started without any coding experience or expertise. Since WordPress is free and has numerous benefits, most people prefer this platform. The community support they offer is excellent. Also, there are countless free resources available to learn WordPress, including forums, support groups, blogs, videos, and more. 

If you run into any problems down the road, a quick Google search will reveal the solutions. It’s also simple to build a website without knowing how to code. It provides customizable templates that you can use to create pages and themes, and your apprehension about starting a page from scratch will be gone in a jiffy! 

Best Resources for Learning to Code for WordPress

Since you are interested in learning WordPress, we have collated the details of resources that will be a good start for you to start. So, shall we dive right into the Best WordPress resources for beginners? 

#1. Learn WordPress Development with WordPress.org Codex   

Learn WordPress Development with WordPress.org Codex

WordPress Codex is the official WordPress online manual book provided by WordPress.org, making it one of the most reliable free resources for learning about the platform. It is a great resource to start with as it trains you on how to get started with the platform and make necessary changes as per your requirement. It also provides needed details on CMS’s functions, assisting the user in creating and maintaining a flawless site. Codex is appropriate for any web, plugin, or theme developer interested in learning more about the technical aspects of WordPress. However, the best way to learn WordPress is to start creating one, so implementing the theories is essential. 

#2.  Learn WordPress Development Courses with WordPress TV

Learn WordPress Development Courses with WordPress TV

Similar to WordPress Codex, WordPress.org owns WordPress TV. It undoubtedly is a fantastic resource to learn about WordPress. It is free of cost, and there is no requirement to register. For novices, WordPress TV is an ideal option as it offers video tutorials that are simple to follow. The TV provides informative programs covering a wide range of topics that help users learn the basics of WordPress to advanced features required to develop and manage web pages or stores.  

WordPress users contribute the majority of the videos. If you have an idea for a video course, the platform encourages you to submit it and join the WordPress user community.

The viewers who want to learn WordPress development using WordPress TV but are not proficient in English don’t have to worry as the videos have captions and subtitles. All these are taken care of by the community members. 

#3. Official WordPress Lessons with WordPress Development Course

Official WordPress Lessons with WordPress Development Course

Powered by WordPress.com, this hosting option provides free online course content for novices. You will find step-by-step instructions for configuring and maintaining WordPress, equipping you to configure a site according to your requirement. 

Most content focuses on the website development process, such as theme selection and modification, blog post-production, and content marketing.

Although this site does not have as many visually appealing photos or videos as other entries on this list, the tutorials are simple to follow for people with basic WordPress understanding. However, this online course is not the ideal alternative for students who wish to learn WordPress at an intermediate level.

#4. WordPress Development Courses with Smashing Magazine

WordPress Development Courses with Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online publication that primarily covers. Web design, graphic design, coding, and mobile development. Despite this, it includes an additional category that contains only WordPress-related content.

The articles are organized in a blog format to make them easy to read. Each blog article includes an estimated reading time and a comment area. However, if you are new to WordPress, you may find some of the pieces complicated and challenging to comprehend. While all blog articles are free, additional learning products such as workshops and eBooks are not.

#5. Learn WordPress Course with WP101

Learn WordPress Course with WP101

WP101 is a video-based platform dedicated to sharing WordPress tutorials, ideal for WordPress beginners. The resource seems perfect for learning WordPress basics in less than 2 hours. Besides covering the basics of the WordPress platform, it also helps learners delve into the plugins, including Yoast SEO, Jetpack, and more. The primary goal is to help newcomers make the most of the available plugins, especially if you want to build an online website from scratch.

Although the WP101 course material is free, you must purchase the WP101 membership to access the library of additional courses. WP101 provides a two-week free trial and a full refund guarantee to ensure you get the best value.

#6. Word Press Development Courses at WP Sessions

Word Press Development Courses at WP Sessions

WP Sessions is an excellent platform for moving beyond the beginner level and into more intermediate or advanced content. The WP Sessions video library helps you learn WordPress and serves as a guide for starting a successful online business.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to learn WordPress while expanding your network. Because WP Sessions hosts the largest virtual conferences for WordPress, you will never be short of exciting events to attend or opportunities to network with other professionals.

You must purchase a membership for $5 per month or $30 per year to access all course content. The membership provides excellent value for money because it allows you to download training courses, take bonus courses, and join forums.

#7. Word Press Development Courses at Udemy

Word Press Development Courses at Udemy

Udemy is a learning platform with thousands of courses and tutorials on various topics, including WordPress. The majority of the lesson plans include animation, audio, videos, and downloadable content.

Udemy is an excellent place for people with limited time to master the world of WordPress quickly. Its modules are typically shorter than most YouTube tutorials but contain significantly more information. Udemy allows you to pause a course in the middle and resume from where you left off, letting you progress at your own pace.

WordPress courses are available on Udemy, both for free and for a fee. Use the platform’s search function to find course material appropriate for your skill level and budget. However, consider that Udemy prioritizes its top-rated courses at the top of search results.

In-depth courses are available if you prefer to learn from top-rated instructors. The most popular Udemy courses start at $10 per course. Premium courses include chat rooms and message boards where you can directly ask the instructor questions. The best thing is that once you purchase a system, you will have unlimited access to it for the rest of your life.

#8. Learn WordPress Code with Make A Website Hub

Learn Wordpress Code with Make A Website Hub

Make A Website Hub contains a large number of WordPress tutorials that have been written over the years. The content is intended to assist newcomers in creating a site or blog with WordPress, aiding you in overcoming the CMS’s learning curve.

Make A Website Hub reviews hosting companies, domain registrars, and website builders and covers the fundamentals. It also helps aspiring bloggers with tips, tricks, and glossaries that help users learn more about blogging, affiliate marketing, and more. 

While there are no videos on the platform, the written content is accompanied by numerous screenshots, making it easy to follow along with cheat sheets to help web designers and digital marketing specialists. 

It includes image measurements and formatting and keyboard shortcuts for popular social media networks and web design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.


While many people believe that WordPress is user-friendly for non-technical users, newcomers frequently discover that learning WordPress on their own may be complicated and daunting. We have handpicked the most valuable materials to assist beginners and intermediate users in comprehending WordPress quickly.