Cartknitter has recently been awarded an exciting project from a fitness brand. This company is globally famous for offering various fitness classes ranging in all skillsets. Its primary mission is to aid a person to harness their power within to lead a more healthy, satisfying, and more substantial lifestyle.

It has also helped several people enhance their skill level in all directions and simultaneously direct them to a disciplined life. Their programs come highly recommended by any person who has undergone their classes before. They also conducted extensive discussions about the primary and how the experts can resolve them.

As the client understood and conveyed, the major complication was that the Woo Subscriptions and Woo Memberships were not performing well in the WooCommerce store. Both the plugins of WooCommerce seemed to be malfunctioning while selling the client’s premium content to their customers. It resulted in the majority of the customers registering complaints with the client as they were being charged not once but twice for their premium content at renewal. No consumer would want to pay double the amount for a service, and this issue has to be immediately fixed by our professional team. 

Upon meticulous research and analysis, a payment gateway problem caused the malfunctioning. Stripe, a famous payment gateway chosen by the client, was glitching. Due to one or many external and internal factors, Stripe was reporting the charge for an order number that is fake or doesn’t exist in the WooCommerce orders area. Therefore, making the customer pay twice for access to a premium account from their authentic account and an inauthentic one. Our experts at once recognized the root cause of the issue and directly jumped into the problem to fix it.

Our experts analyzed the client’s Stripe client gateway to understanding  why this was happening. Although the cause behind this could be any number of external and internal factors, our experts focused on learning more about them to develop an effective solution. Our developers implemented their intelligent and practical plan to make changes to the payment gateway, with a touch of coding, programming, and using other technologically advanced tools made for this payment gateway to take care of the issue. Our experts ensured to swiftly and effectively fix the payment gateway so that the company could resume its mundane business activities.

Carknitter was pleased to aid the client and help them improve their business. Our WooCommerce developerswork day in and day out to give their best performance to the client. Even though fixing the payment gateway seemed like an easy task, it required hours of hard work and planning to implement the solution optimally.

After our experts solved their problem, it was found that all the complaints registered by the clients were automatically resolved, the clients received a refund for the extra charges, and made no further double payments. It significantly helped the client build a stronger relationship with their consumer base and attract more audiences to try on their classes.