As previously discussed in the last article, social commerce sells or buys through social media platforms. The rapid evolution of these platforms has made them increasingly popular and are used by people across all age groups/segments. Knowingly or unknowingly, social media forms a big part of our life. Due to social media platforms being addictive, people will use them more than they should.

This opportunity has opened up a whole new audience to target for marketers. Many eCommerce businesses are shifting or expanding into Social Commerce to advertise to their potential customers and expand their sales directly. One of the reasons why Social Commerce has become so popular is because it has dramatically simplified the marketing process. All business owners have to catch the user’s attention by engaging them through an Ad and leading them to the checkout page.

Social Commerce Tools for Your Business in 2022

Social Commerce Tools :

Now that businesses are looking out for an opportunity to make the shift, they will require all the help they can get. Starting Social Commerce from scratch can be intimidating and complicated. Therefore, a wide range of Social Commerce tools is designed especially for a particular social media platform, which can aid merchants in their journey. Some of these tools are:

Instagram Shoppable Ads  :

Social Commerce :Instagram Shoppable Ads

A while back, Instagram added the most significant update ever to help a business grow its sales through the platform. This new update, “Shoppable Ads,” allowed customers to view product details like its cost and directly buy the product through the post.

 For example, a clothing brand posting a picture of a model wearing a pair of jeans and a top can use this ability to tag the product details and direct link to buy it. Upon seeing this, customers can tap the post to view the details of the clothing items, and on pressing the tag, they will be led to the checkout page. 

To get Instagram Shoppable Ada working for a brand, business owners must fulfill a set of requirements. Upon the criteria, the platform will review and approve their application accordingly. If approved, vendors can add up to 5 product tags to each post.

The Facebook Shop

Social Commerce-Facebook Shop

Facebook is undoubtedly the most prominent social media platform. Long before Instagram or Snapchat started trending, Facebook was the face of social media. Over time, several major and minor modifications have been made to the platform to ensure it stays relevant to the current audience. One such update is the in-built Social Commerce Solution. 

Ecommerce business owners need to create a Facebook business page and a supportive page template, Shop template. After curating their shopping catalog, merchants can choose what products they want to feature on the platform. Users attracted to your products will immediately click on the link to buy them.

Pinterest Shopping List  :

Scial Commerce - Pinterest Shopping List

Pinterest is the epitome of aesthetics. People generally scroll through to find inspiration. The most attractive feature of the app is the app design itself, and it displays a bunch of similar posts according to past search history details and the preferences of the user. 

Everything on the app is significantly pretty, making the users leap out of their seats and buy it. Gen Z has even started to use “Pinteresty” as an adjective to describe something exceptionally beautiful or aesthetic. Developers at Pinterest realized the platform’s marketing potential and thus started integrating business-friendly updates or features to the app. 

Pinterest Shopping List allows users to store all the products and pin them on a Pinterest Board. Therefore, they can go back to the pins and purchase the products whenever they feel like it. It is available in a few selected countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and France.

Conclusion :

Understanding how Social Commerce and its tools work is essential for one’s business. It is predicted that Social Commerce will be a significant part of the eCommerce industry in the future. Make the shopping process efficient, convenient, and hassle-free by advertising your products on such platforms through Social Commerce Tools. 

These tools will make it a more personalized experience by directly connecting you to the customer. More tools are released frequently to help growing Social Commerce businesses expand and earn profits. Business owners and merchants are encouraged to conduct meticulous research to learn more about the tools.