Cartknitter has won a prestigious project from a leading mat manufacturer in the US. They believed in providing ultimate satisfaction for their clients with timely response, shipping, pricing, quality, and value. The client contacted our Wooexperts to update the plugin as they were using WooCommerce to run their online store. The client was unable to complete the task independently as they didn’t understand the complexities of WooCommerce. They required professional assistance in analyzing their website.

On both PCs and smartphones, the website’s performance was an issue. Our Wooexperts identified that several pages on the website were slow to load. The slow loading pages would negatively impact the visitors’ user experience. In addition, the client wanted upgrades to their WooCommerce store’s plugins.

Third-party developers are the ones who produce plugins. The majority of them keep their plugins up to date by adding new functionality, improving code quality, and ensuring security. These modifications are then made available as updates.

Keeping the plugins up to date, the client could guarantee that the changes made are quickly reflected on your site. This enhances the security and performance of the store. Developers update their plugins to patch problems and close any security flaws they may have identified since the last release, so keeping them up to date is a best practice.

Woo experts from Cartknitter kept an eye on the client’s web store. This provided complete peace of mind to our client. The site was reviewed, and plugins were updated, which helped keep it working smoothly and securely. Our professionals made sure that the store’s performance was excellent. We also assisted in preventing any store outages or crashes.

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