BigCommerce Migration Services

Upgrade your eCommerce business by migrating it to BigCommerce and enjoy a user-friendly interface, advanced operational management, and streamlined online selling.

BigCommerce Migration Services

Expert Hands for Specialized BigCommerce Migration Services

BigCommerce is one of the most user-friendly and robust platforms for running your business seamlessly while ensuring optimal load speed and performance. Moreover, the high scalability of the platform makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. With our specialized migration service, we help online businesses reach their potential by moving eCommerce stores to BigCommerce.

Our experience with BigCommerce is as old as the platform itself. As a first-generation BigCommerce development services expert, we have helped countless businesses write success stories with innovative solutions. Our holistic approach and 360-degree expertise on the platform let us provide you with advanced BigCommerce migration services. We ensure the efficient transfer of your core and customized eCommerce functionalities to your new BigCommerce store.

It often requires us to develop custom apps and extensions that work seamlessly with the BigCommerce platform and your pre-integrated solutions. In other words, hiring BigCommerce developers from CartKnitter helps to revamp your store and make it more potent than ever. Moreover, our modular approach enables us to provide BigCommerce migration services with zero errors and data loss.

Expert Hands for Specialized BigCommerce Migration Services

Optimize Your Online Features and Functionalities With Customized BigCommerce Apps

Optimize Your Online Features and Functionalities With Customized BigCommerce Apps

Migrating your online store to BigCommerce allows you to access the benefits of its extensive app marketplace. Store owners can use the apps and integrations from the BigCommerce marketplace to add the same or similar eCommerce features from your existing store. We specialize in BigCommerce app selection and help you choose the ideal apps to meet your requirements.

CartKnitter is among the few BigCommerce migration service providers who can efficiently customize existing BigCommerce apps. Moreover, we can customize leading third-party software unavailable in the marketplace and integrate effectively with your BigCommerce store. Our expert team can also create a custom BigCommerce app from the ground up if the desirable native or third-party solution is unavailable.

BigCommerce migration is the ideal time for optimizing your existing eCommerce capabilities while adding new ones. CartKnitter offers a diverse 360-degree BigCommerce migrations service that lets you add or customize your BigCommerce needs to suit your needs. Besides that, we have a team of leading BigCommerce experts to carry out the migration seamlessly for your business.

CartKnitter’s BigCommerce Migration Services

Magento to BigCommerce Migration

Get quick and efficient migration of your online store from Magento to BigCommerce with our expert team. Our expert team will personally migrate all essential data from your current Magento store to BigCommerce with zero data loss or misplacement. CartKnitter also guarantees optimized turnaround time and accurate ETA for the migration, ensuring super-accurate delivery.

WooCommerce to BigCommerce Migration

Move your online business from the WooCommerce platform to BigCommerce. We can help you set up your online store on BigCommerce, which offers a significantly better user interface for managing your online business. Our expert team provides specialized migration services for moving custom WooCommerce integrations to your new BigCommerce store.

Shopify to BigCommerce Migration

CartKnitter can streamline your migration journey from Shopify to BigCommerce with its platform expertise and decades of eCommerce experience. Our expert team can migrate everything from your Shopify store, including product information, content, and integrations, to your new BigCommerce store. The Shopify to BigCommerce migration service from CartKnitters is swift and cost-efficient.

osCommerce to BigCommerce Migration

Switch your eCommerce platform to BigCommerce from osCommerce with no data loss or misplacement with expert migration services from CartKnitter. You can trust our certified experts to efficiently migrate all your data from an existing osCommerce store to BigCommerce while enhancing your store capabilities. Besides securing accurate data transfer from osCommerce, we can help you add new custom features to your BigCommerce store.

Joomla to BigCommerce Migration

Our experts guide you through complex Joomla to BigCommerce migrations to securely move all your online business activities to BigCommerce. We ensure a seamless migration with zero data loss or misplacement while prioritizing the safety of your data. Our HIPAA and GDPR compliances provide the best security for your data and enable us to provide secure Joomla to BigCommerce migration services to your business.

Volusion to BigCommerce Migration

Make the move from Volusion to BigCommerce with the help of world-leading experts from CartKnitter. With our super accurate and efficient Volusion to BigCommerce migration service, we can guarantee hassle-free and secure transfer of your data. By accurately migrating various data, including product catalogs and customer databases, we help you unlock the full potential of the BigCommerce platform for your online business.

PrestaShop to BigCommerce Migration

CartKniter’s specialized PrestaShop to BigCommerce migration service allows you to secure an efficient data migration while optimizing its speed and performance. As your trusted migration partner, we will help you navigate the intricate and complex challenges of PrestaShop to BigCommerce migration. Furthermore, we can help you fortify your online presence with advanced and custom BigCommerce solutions.

OpenCart to BigCommerce Migration

Get a seamless transition from OpenCart to BigCommerce with our advanced platform-specific migration service. The expert team at CartKnitter guarantees fast and efficient data transfers while maintaining the integrity of your product and customer data. We can even enhance your store’s business management capabilities to manage different business operations conveniently using centralized control.

Wix to BigCommerce Migration

Enhance your online presence by moving your online store from Wix to BigCommerce with the help of our expert team. We use a streamlined Wix to BigCommerce migration process that minimizes the turnaround time, enabling you to migrate your online store fast. Besides, we use a test environment to test your new BigCommerce store before going live and ensure it delivers the optimal performance you desire.

Shift4Shop to BigCommerce Migration

As a first-generation BigCommerce expert, we can guarantee a smooth migration of your online store from Shift4Shop to BigCommerce. We use advanced tools and software solutions to efficiently navigate your website and generate a unique action plan for the migration. Our personalized migration plan allows us to minimize the turnaround time through careful planning and an error-free iterative development approach.

VirtueMart to BigCommerce Migration

Transitioning your online store from VirtueMart to BigCommerce is now easier than ever with the specialized migration services from CartKnitters. Our expert migration service follows a holistic but modular approach to migrating each page from Wix to BigCommerce. By using advanced coding and customizations (if necessary), we help you harness the full power of the BigCommerce platform.

Shopware to BigCommerce Migration

Make the switch from Shopware to BigCommerce easy with expert migration services from our expert team. CartKnitter’s expert team specializes in exporting data from Shopware to BigCommerce while allowing you to explore various customization options. We can help you streamline your online business by integrating new and advanced features into your new BigCommerce store and setting it up for success in the highly competitive market.

BigCommerce Migration Features

Minimal Delays and Zero Downtime

The most significant benefit of working with a first-generation BigCommerce expert is that there are few surprises we expect from a migration. The experts at CartKnitter know the BigCommerce platform inside and out, enabling us to predict and resolve potential issues. Furthermore, we do everything by the book regarding data safety and even take the additional precaution of separating the live and test environments.

First-generation BigCommerce Developers

Our most significant strength as a BigCommerce migration services expert is the in-depth knowledge of our first-generation BigCommerce expert. The senior BigCommerce experts at CartKnitter know the platform enough to make changes and customizations beneficial to your business while minimizing the lines of code. As a result, our BigCommerce store performs significantly better without compromising data safety.

Zero Data Loss and Misplacement

At CartKnitter, we understand the importance of data for running a successful online business. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with a zero data loss and misplacement guarantee for our BigCommerce migration services. Whether it is product data, metadata, or anchor texts, we ensure every piece of content or information appears precisely where you want it to appear.

Design Transfer and Customization

Transfer your website designs and page layouts from your existing store to your new BigCommerce store with the help of our experts. We enable you to include an additional design option in your migration plan so you can make any cosmetic changes you want for the new store. Our experts can ensure the latest design aligns with your brand while facilitating all pre-existing features and functionalities.

Highly-accurate Page Layout Migration

CartKnitter’s advanced BigCommerce migration services guarantee highly accurate page layout transfers. Our experts can even build a visual replica of your online store on the BigCommerce platform. You can access our optional layout optimization service. Our design team can even provide expert insights to eliminate friction elements to enhance the user experience.

Add Features and Functionalities

One of the most significant advantages of hiring CartKnitter as your BigCommerce migration services provider is platform expertise. While other developers may need more confidence to customize BigCommerce solutions, our experts always find it relatively easy. We can easily add features and functionalities to your new BigCommerce store and even turn to complex customizations if necessary.

BigCommerce Function Transfer

The holistic BigCommerce migration process ensures the transfer of your eCommerce functionalities besides data. It means any feature or functionality on your store now will also be available on your new BigCommerce store. Our full-function transfer even helps you get custom features and functionalities originally from the source store.

SEO-friendly BigCommerce Migration

All the BigCommerce migration services we provide are SEO-friendly so that your SERP rankings remain intact even after transferring an entire website to a new platform. Our in-depth analysis of the source store reveals its original SEO position, which we then set as the benchmark. Moreover, our SEO-friendly approach may boost your SEO rankings after the migration.

Iterative Quality Testing and Assurance

Our dedicated QA team is always ready to double-check and triple-check that everything is on order after the migration. The iterative approach enables us to eliminate errors and bugs while optimizing the solution with every step. Moreover, we use the iterative testing process to identify gaps and scopes for improvements to your new BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce Migration Features
Get a First-generation Expert to Migrate Your Online Store to BigCommerce With 100% Accuracy
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    CartKnitter’s BigCommerce Migration Process

    CartKnitter’s BigCommerce Migration Process

    At CartKnitter, we follow a simple three-step BigCommerce migration process that ensures maximum efficiency in terms of time and effort. We created this three-step process using our decade of experience in the platform and based on our numerous cross-platform migration projects.

    Furthermore, we believe in a personalized approach that pushes us to find the unique requirements of your BigCommerce store and meet them efficiently. Our specially formulated strategy enables us to ensure error-free BigCommerce migrations regardless of the project’s complexity.

    Comprehensive Migration Assessment

    CartKnitter’s BigCommerce migration process starts with a comprehensive analysis of the source store and your migration goals. The assessment helps our expert team to create a customized roadmap for your BigCommerce migration and gives a detailed strategy for reaching your migration objectives.

    BigCommerce Migration and Testing

    With a clear set of migration objectives, our experts quickly get to work to meet them time-efficiently. We use a modular approach to split the migration process into parts. It allows us to ensure accurate migration of your site and its data and helps in our iterative testing process.

    BigCommerce Customization and Optimization

    In the final stage of the BigCommerce migration service, we help businesses meet their unique eCommerce needs with advanced customization. Besides adding (optional) custom features and functionalities, we also carry out a holistic optimization for an overall better site performance.

    Items Covered Under Our Holistic BigCommerce Migration Services

    Product Catalog

    Our BigCommerce migration team can provide a 100% accurate product catalog transfer from the source store regardless of its size. We ensure that your new BigCommerce store has all essential product information, including the name, description, metadata, and media, with zero data loss or misplacement.

    Customer Data

    We use advanced security measures, including firewalls and encryptions, to protect customer data from cyber attacks. Furthermore, our GDPR and HIPAA compliances guarantee the safety of your data from cyber threats, including malware attacks.

    Order History

    The experts at CartKnitter use a meticulous migration process to move order data from the source store safely. We ensure you can quickly access all essential order information, including order numbers, dates, and payment info on your new BigCommerce store. As a result, you can pick off your order management right from where you left it.

    Payment Methods

    CartKnitter’s BigCommerce migration team can ensure seamless transfer of your payment gateways from the source site. We can integrate payment solutions available for BigCommerce directly to your new store. You can even add new custom payment gateways to your store with the help of our expert BigCommerce team.

    SEO Settings and Ranking

    Our SEO-friendly approach for BigCommerce migration goes a long way in helping your business switch platforms. By following SEO-best practices and listening to the advice of senior BigCommerce experts, we ensure the accurate transfer of your SEO settings and retain your SEO rankings.

    Data Migration

    You can access a complete data migration from your existing store to BigCommerce with the help of our experts. Our comprehensive BigCommerce migration guarantees zero data loss and mismatches regardless of the extent of your website content.

    Apps and Integrations

    We can also help you transfer features and functionalities in the source store by transferring its apps and integrations. Often, BigCommerce only supports apps and integrations explicitly made for the platform. Our expert can help you bridge this gap with custom BigCommerce integrations and app development.

    Items Covered Under Our Holistic BigCommerce Migration Services

    The Advanced Data Security Measures We Use for BigCommerce Migration

    The Advanced Data Security Measures We Use for BigCommerce Migration

    Encryption Protocols

    With BigCommerce migration services from CartKnitter, you never have to worry about data security because we use advanced encryption protocols. We encrypt your precious data to fight malicious cyber attacks and prevent unauthorized access.

    Safe and Secure Data Centers

    The experts at CartKnitter only use safe and secure data centers for migration. Various security measures, both physical and digital, protect our data centers. We employ everything from high-end firewalls to 24/7 monitoring to ensure data security.

    Advanced Access Control

    Superior access control is another data security feature you get with BigCommerce migration services from CartKnitter. We adhere to your access control policies, no questions asked. Furthermore, we help you strictly control and monitor sensitive information access for enhanced online security.

    Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    With regular data backups and an efficient disaster recovery plan, you never have to worry about losing your data again. We use regular data backups to ensure you always have easy access to the essential data. Furthermore, our disaster recovery plan enables you to return your data after an artificial or natural disaster.

    Regulatory Compliances

    As a company that works with businesses from all industries and niches, we ensure compliance with significant data protection laws and regulations. Our GDPR and HIPAA compliances guarantee safe and secure data storage and transfer at all times.

    Dedicated Testing Environment

    CartyKnitter provides a separate or dedicated testing environment for your new BigCommerce store. The changes come on the live site only after your approval to ensure your store’s streamlined functioning before and after migration.

    Unique Capabilities That Make Cartknitter Your Ideal BigCommerce Migration Service Provider

    Unique Capabilities That Make Cartknitter Your Ideal BigCommerce Migration Service Provider

    CartKnitter has everything you want in your ideal BigCommerce migration services provider. We have over a decade of platform expertise and a ton of experience with eCommerce migrations. We have specialized teams with expertise in various eCommerce platforms, which makes it easy for us to ensure a seamless transition to BigCommerce.

    Besides that, we have perfected the BigCommerce migration strategy, ensuring efficient time management and accurate deadlines. Thanks to our optimized process, we can save valuable work hours while making the migration error-free. Furthermore, we maintain utmost transparency throughout the migration process and provide real-time updates.

    • First-generation BigCommerce development company
    • Personalized BigCommerce migration plans
    • 360-degree BigCommerce migration services
    • Iterative QA testing and iterations
    • 24/7 support and maintenance
    • Secure data backups and disaster recovery plans
    • BigCommerce feature addition option
    • Regulatory compliances and certifications

    Obtain Unique Personalization Options and Enhanced BigCommerce Performance

    CartKnitter’s BigCommerce migration services enable extended flexibility and enhanced site performance for your online store. Our expert customization knowledge and integrated performance optimization allow us to deliver a smooth operating BigCommerce store after migration.

    Obtain Unique Personalization Options and Enhanced BigCommerce Performance

    Extended Flexibility

    One of the best advantages of choosing our migration services is that we can extend the flexibility of your BigCommerce store. We can use BigCommerce customization to enhance your eCommerce capabilities and streamline the user experience.

    Native and Third-party Apps

    We can help you integrate native BigCommerce apps and other software solutions with your online store. CartKnitter is among the very few who can customize apps and integrations to suit the BigCommerce platform with custom coding.

    Mobile-friendly Stores

    At CartKnitter, we specialize in creating mobile-responsive websites the user can access across various devices and browsers. We ensure your new BigCommerce store ensures optimal performance on mobile and web devices.

    SEO-friendly Approach

    We use an SEO-friendly approach for BigCommerce migration, enabling us to retain your SEO settings and rankings. Furthermore, our proactive operations and optimizations may even help improve your SERP rankings after migration.

    High Scalability

    Every BigCommerce solution we deliver comes with scalability and future growth in mind. Our solutions can scale up or down per your requirements, giving you superior flexibility. We can help you make planned improvements to accommodate the growing needs of your business.

    BigCommerce Migration Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Can I migrate my online store to BigCommerce?

      You can migrate your existing website to BigCommerce. However, you may require the help of an expert to ensure accurate and timely migration, especially if you offer an extensive product catalog. Hiring a professional team is also better if your website has vast content and customizations. Our experts can ensure a seamless migration with zero data loss.

    • Why should I migrate my online store to BigCommerce?

      We can give you numerous reasons for migrating your existing store to BigCommerce, including its robust features and high scalability. Moreover, BigCommerce has one of the best and most user-friendly interfaces for building an attractive eCommerce store. As a result, BigCommerce migration can help you offer a streamlined shopping experience to customers.

    • Do I need professional BigCommerce migration services to switch my eCommerce platform?

      While you can migrate your website to BigCommerce independently, it is only sometimes ideal, mainly if you have limited technical and coding knowledge. Some BigCommerce migrations are more complex than others, depending on your product catalog and content. Besides, even a tiny mistake in the migration can lead to downtime and improper page loading.

    • How long does it take to migrate a website to BigCommerce?

      The BigCommerce migration process and the time it requires varies from one website to another. If your online store houses numerous customizations, content, and product catalogs, it becomes significantly more challenging to migrate. However, our experts use a process that minimizes the time required for BigCommerce migration while minimizing the downtime.

    • Can I migrate my website to BigCommerce from any eCommerce platform?

      It is relatively easy to migrate your website from its existing eCommerce platform to BigCommerce, as it supports migration from various platforms. However, as the complexity of your website increases, the chance of errors and downtime increases. Hiring our expert team lets you bypass these challenges and migrate all your media and features to BigCommerce.

    • What type of data can I migrate to BigCommerce?

      With the right migration partner, you can migrate practically anything from your existing website to BigCommerce. An efficient BigCommerce migration should accurately migrate all data to your new store, including products, categories, orders, and customer data. Our expert team can ensure accurate migration of all features and customizations to BigCommerce.

    • Can BigCommerce migration impact my SEO rankings?

      If your BigCommerce migration is not 100% accurate, it may impact your SEO rankings. Migrations, especially those done by novices, can often lead to a dip in SEO rankings. It is significantly associated with poor redirects and a need for SEO best practices. We ensure the SEO rankings of your online store remain intact before and after the BigCommerce migration.

    • What is the best way to ensure data security during BigCommerce migration?

      If you carry out the migration in-house, you must follow the best security protocols to ensure data safety. To accomplish this, you can access secure protocols and best practices followed by industry experts. However, the easier and safer option is to hire a certified expert to do this and ensure data safety for BigCommerce migration.

    • Can I customize the website after BigCommerce migration?

      Platform migration offers an excellent opportunity to revamp your website head-to-toe, including customizations. You can completely revamp the appearance and functionalities of your BigCommerce store with the help of our experts. We can integrate and customize extensions to add new features and functionalities to your new BigCommerce store.

    • Do I need to have technical expertise for BigCommerce migration?

      While having technical expertise for BigCommerce migration is not mandatory, it provides you with the confidence and edge you need for an accurate migration. Moreover, any mistakes in the migration can set you back and even bring down your website for long hours. Hence, having a professional team to conduct complex BigCommerce migrations is advisable.

    • Will my payment gateways operate accurately after the BigCommerce migration?

      As long as your BigCommerce migration is accurate, you don’t have to worry about payment gateways. However, even a tiny error in migration can be crucial and impact your payment gateways. Hiring a professional BigCommerce migration lets you avoid this risk and ensure the accurate operation of the numerous payment gateways on your online store.

    • Are there hidden charges associated with BigCommerce migration?

      You will not encounter hidden costs or changes in BigCommerce migration services, provided you choose a reputable service provider. The best way to avoid hidden charges is to have a detailed discussion with the service provider and know everything you need about the fee. At CartKnitter, we provide accurate migration services with transparent pricing.

    • Will BigCommerce migration disrupt my ongoing business operations?

      An improper BigCommerce migration process can have unpredictable outcomes, including errors and downtimes that can disrupt your ongoing business operations. By seeking the help of a professional BigCommerce migration service, you minimize the chances of such errors and downtimes. As a result, you can ensure seamless business operations even during the BigCommerce migration.

    • Do I have to notify my customers before the BigCommerce migration?

      Website owners don’t need to notify customers about the BigCommerce migration process. However, it is advisable to keep the customers informed. By notifying the customers about the migration plan in advance, you can manage their expectations during the transition. It also reassures customers that your store will return online after the specified time.

    • Can I get post-migration support for my BigCommerce store?

      Using a reliable migration service provider, you can get post-migration support for your new BigCommerce store. The expert team at CartKnitter provides holistic BigCommerce migration services, which come with a complete post-migration support plan. We will provide all the support needed to overcome issues and ensure a seamless transition.

    • Is it possible to migrate extensive inventory to BigCommerce?

      The experts at CartKnitter can easily migrate your large inventory to the advanced BigCommerce platform. We have over a decade of experience migrating complex and big online stores to different platforms, including BigCommerce. Our experts follow a modular approach to BigCommerce migration, ensuring the safe transfers of all your data and functionalities.

    • Is there a risk of data loss during the BigCommerce migration process?

      Any data transfer process comes with an integrated risk of data loss. Using the services of certified professionals for store migration minimizes the risk of data loss. CartKnitter complies with leading data protection standards like GDPR and HIPAA to reduce the chance of data loss. Moreover, our optimized process ensures zero data loss for your website.

    • Can I migrate custom features and functionalities on my present store to BigCommerce?

      Migrating custom features and functionalities in your existing store to BigCommerce is often more challenging and complex. It may require integrating apps and extensions to your BigCommercer store while also using custom coding. Our expert team can specialize in BigCommerce customizations and transfer all unique features and functionalities to your new store.

    • Will BigCommerce migration affect the quality of my images and the layout?

      We ensure a 100% accurate BigCommerce migration for our clients. Our modular approach enables us to provide every element on a specific page is transferred to the new store. We pay special attention to product images and ensure their precise migration. Moreover, we maintain the top-notch visual integrity of your online store, including your page layouts.

    • Can I test the new BigCommerce before going live?

      At CartKnitter, we follow the industry-best practices for efficient BigCommerce migration, which comes with testing on a staging environment. Our staging environment allows your online business to check the feasibility of your new BigCommerce before it goes live. Besides, we can help you with wireframing and prototyping to streamline your business operations.