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Expand Your Store Performance with WooCommerce Integration Services

We help you flourish your business with WooCommerce integration that ensures easy and faster integrations to suit your logistics, transportation, and marketing needs. WooCommerce plugin allows you to manage single product and variable products at ease.

Cartknitter’s qualified team of Wooexperts and developers has years of experience in creating unique stores.

Cartknitter Offers WooCommerce Integration Services

PayPal integration for WooCommerce

Integrate this payment solution to provide your customers with a convenient way to finish their easy transactions. With this extension, you can give your customers fast, secure, and simple payment methods for their purchases. Your customers will find it easy to make payments but secure transactions.

QuickBooks integration for WooCommerce

An accounting package allows you to handle taxes, invoices, analyze sales, costs, examine profit-loss reports, inventory, payroll, track overdue bills, and obtain a complete picture of your company’s financial condition. You can now quickly analyze and learn about your transactions.

Stripe station integration for WooCommerce

We help you with stripe station integration. Instead of redirecting to an external checkout page, Stripe allows you to collect payments directly on your website. Provide buyers with the convenience and security (PCI compliance) of auto-complete items and payments without leaving the site, further simplifying their payment experience.

WooCommerce Amazon integration

With millions of customers, you can connect your store via the Amazon marketplace. We will develop a robust marketplace listing feature along with pricing and inventory sync that helps you list the entire product catalog on Amazon. Easy install, no re-platforming, and no data migration.

WooCommerce Xero integration

Xero is a business accounting software that handles bank reconciliation and financial reporting to inventory tracking and payroll. Submit all product, shipping, discount, and tax information to Xero for safe record keeping.

WooCommerce POS integrations

WooCommerce POS (Point of Sale) connectors will allow you to synchronize inventory between your physical store and your WooCommerce store. Will mirror the changes made in one system in the other system besides providing manage lists, data analytics, sales processing, and employee management, among other things.

Square integration for WooCommerce

Square is free point-of-sale software that makes selling things easier. Accept payments anywhere and anytime, with transparent pricing and quick deposits, all while remaining PCI compliant. This tool enables easy and safe payment for purchases.

WooCommerce CRM integration

This type of integration aids in the management of customer information, tracking activity, sending emails, scheduling meetings and calls, taking notes, and creating contact lists based on various criteria. This tool aids in the improvement of the seller-customer relationship.

ShipStation for WooCommerce

Shipstation for WooCommerce is an integration that helps you save shipping and fulfillment costs while also providing you with branding capabilities to entice your customers. Many built-in automated options allow you to create orders, print labels, send return labels and save time during the fulfillment process.

Why Hire Us for WooCommerce Integration Service

We have year-long experience dealing with WordPress and WooCommerce at Cartknitter. We’ve already completed projects using WordPress and WooCommerce to create complete ECommerce solutions. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure that WooCommerce plugins are installed to provide additional functionality to the WooCommerce system. Several online businesses have switched from their present CMS (such as open cart) to WooCommerce as it has grown in popularity. While doing so, we make sure not to break any existing functionality, ensuring a smooth transition to WooCommerce and expanding the business’s potential. With our integration services, you can automate all of your back-end tasks, thus freeing yourself from time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks. Integrate various payment channels to give buyers more options, and streamline orders, sales, inventories, accounts, data, and more. Rest assured, we will sort out all of your WooCommerce integration services.

With advanced core functionality, your visitors across websites will find your site appealing. They will benefit from advanced options like user profile, preferred language, chat functionality, cart settings, customizable widget options, search tools, social sites assistance, color theme, appointments option, and more. The tracking tools enable reminders that help your customer to stay informed about the purchase made.

As a business owner, you will be astounded by the benefits of integration options like customer feedbacks, amounts of customer data, display customer reviews, and platform session cookies. The tracking tools, accounting tools, automatic updates, customizable widget options, chat functionality, the language version, cookie categories, reviews by category, affiliate item, checkout metric, subscribers at checkout, traffic source, user tracking, and more will make your site feature-rich with core functionality.
Besides the above-mentioned core functionalities, our WooCommerce Subscription integration like Search plugins integration, WooCommerce Subscription Data, Access to product support, Personalized product recommendations, product metrics, user consent preferences will allow you to have a store with robust functionality. Whether core platforms or sharing platforms, we can make the store function more secure and user-friendly with WooCommerce integration.

We also offer integration that helps you to have more robust marketing communication to interact with the audience across marketing. Our integration services will make ways with marketing advertising easy and simple. You will be able to track user sessions and user interaction smoothly. The platform session cookie and the preferred language option will help you analyze your customer’s interests and regions, thereby offering your customer what they prefer. The integration will also help you to own a store with action updates that enable access update functions.

For your WooCommerce integration needs, we offer a trained team of Experts.
Our WooCommerce developers have a lot of experience with bespoke integration for your store.

Our WooCommerce Integration

We provide innovative solutions that are specific to your company’s requirements. You come up with the idea, and we’ll make it happen, whether you require a custom-built plugin to meet the diverse needs of your clients or complex API integration. Our WooCommerce integration is focused on increasing the sales and business development of your company. We connect your e-commerce store to your CRM, accounting software, email marketing software, and more. You can create shipping jobs without lifting a finger, update contacts, send upsell emails and SMS order confirmations. With over 1,000 apps enabled by Cartknitter, the possibilities are unlimited.


Using a custom plugin, connect your services to WooCommerce.

Businesses come to us when they require a robust solution that connects with WooCommerce and WordPress or provides clients with a complimentary plugin that expands their services and is hosted in the WordPress repository. We can incorporate a wide range of functions in the plugin we create for you. Our developers are skilled at creating complicated features from the ground up and integrating with third-party programs such as payment gateways and shipping systems and data extraction and marketing. All of our products are built with scalability and flexibility in mind.


Our developers may combine your company’s API with the WooCommerce API to create a custom plugin that utilizes all or part of WooCommerce’s complete solution.

Connect your company to various systems and procedures, such as shop management, mobile apps, payment gateways, email platforms, and others. The options are limitless.

The development of WooCommerce plugins is complex and necessitates a thorough understanding of the platform. When it comes to working with API integrations, our developers have a wide range of experience. We’ll help you with every part of WooCommerce API development, including returning data to WooCommerce.

Cartknitter's WooCommerce Integration Brings the Benefits as Follows:

Increase your market share.

Developing multi-shopping system integrations allows you to collaborate with merchants from all around the world.

Forget the integration's upkeep.

The Woocommerce API integration eliminates the need to support and upgrade the connection every time a new platform version is released.

Use a total of 100+ data management approaches.

More than 100 API methods are available for working with product, order, customer, shipment, and tax data collected from online businesses.

24/7 Support

Our Customer service is available 24 *7. We’re here to assist you with any issues you’re having with Woocommerce or any other supported eCommerce platform; we will be available for live chat, email, or phone. 24/7.


1, What is the price of WooCommerce integration?

The cost of WooCommerce Integration is determined by several factors, including the project’s size, complexity, and scope. On the other hand, we work on projects for a set price or duration, and we propose purchasing a block of time. We give you the most accurate estimate we can, and if the project is completed sooner than expected, you can request a refund for the time you paid.

2, When do you think you’ll be able to finish my WooCommerce integration project?

Each project is different, and the time it takes to complete it is determined by its size, complexity, and scope. Our WooCommerce developers will examine your projects require

3, Do you give WooCommerce Integration post-completion support?

Cartknitter offers a support term for all of its projects. During the support period, any unexpected issues with your website will be examined free of charge by our expert developers. Any problems that arise as a result of our adjustments will be addressed as soon as possible. This includes any concerns with your WooCommerce store’s compatibility or bugs. However, the assistance does not cover any unlawful alterations to the website performed by a third party.

4, How can I keep track of the project’s progress?

Throughout the length of the WooCommerce web development project, you will be a vital part of it. We maintain complete transparency with our clients, and the designated project manager will keep you updated on all progress (good or negative). You can also reach out to us via Skype, email, phone, instant message programs, and other means. We do everything we can as a WooCommerce eCommerce development business to keep you as involved in the project as possible.

5, What features will I get with WooCommerce Integration?

Depending upon your requirement, you can choose free or premium versions of WooCommerce plugins to customize the store according to your wish.


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