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Your business size or type is never a matter of our concern regarding Magento Website Development Service. We can help you design, develop, and customize Magento Websites, making them rank top in search engines. Our certified Magento experts will help you attain your goals as efficiently as ABC.

Magento Development Services We Offer

  • Magento Development Services from scratch
  • Magento Store Customization
  • Magento Store Customization
  • Magento Payment Integrations
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Magento Maintenance and Support

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    Leading Magento Development Company for Online Merchants

    Cartknitter is one of the best Magento eCommerce website development companies with a long-cherished history in helping online merchants who own beautiful online stores. Besides developing stores from scratch, we have been assisting clients in customizing or modifying the sites when needed. As your business expands, you may require additional features for your store, and we can get it down without any downtime.

    Being the best Magento development company with a team of excellent Magento experts, we have been writing success stories for businesses that range from small, mid-level to enterprises, helping them design, develop, and search engine optimization of their online stores. All those who entrusted us with Magento Development services have always been satisfied, and to date, none was disappointed. We make it a point to take time to discuss with the client what exactly they need.

    We are a five-star company, incredibly proud of making customer satisfaction our priority. Our clients keep recommending because they have got what they were looking for and our innovative approach. We ensure that we will make your online presence remarkable.

    We believe promises are to be kept, not to break. When we take up a project, we inform them about the time required and put our heart and soul into completing it on time. The profound knowledge and experience in developing Magento Websites have helped our Magento experts create error-free, highly responsive Magento Website designs with high-speed Payment Gateway.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are innovative and offer different solutions that suit your store best, helping you manage your online store in the best possible way. Our Magento development services are always one step ahead in meeting the challenges as we believe in providing a future-proof solution. We can develop completely functional Magento stores and can specifically create and customize your store with Magento extensions that are best suitable for your store’s requirements.

    We develop picture-perfect Magento stores with Magento themes that are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to match your brand identity.

    We ensure that the store is fully functional and ensure that you don’t face any issues once your store is launched. Your customers will love the Digital Experiences of your store.

    We also provide classic Magento themes for ECommerce Business and also offer custom e-com development services

    We make easy and secure integration, including Magento-based payment methods, to enhance the functionality of your online business.

    To make your store user-friendly and ensure smooth functioning, we can integrate add-on features seamlessly.

    We can integrate other valuable features like shopping carts and other modules into your Magento-based e-com platform seamlessly.

    If you are looking for a custom-made Magento extension, then our Magento Ecommerce Development Team can get it done for you.

    We use state-of-the-art technology to develop your Magento store that is highly competent.

    If required, we can boost your existing store’s performance with Code optimization and more.

    You will wish to control the management of the content and marketing of your website systematically and comprehensively. We can help you build a highly secured Magento-based content management system.

    We ensure 24/7 support with eCommerce development services and help you tackle any issue you face during the project development process and after the website is launched.

    What Can You Expect?

    • Proven Work Expertise in Magento
    • Budgeted and Cost-effective Solutions
    • Quality Assurance
    • Dedicated Magento Developers
    • In-house Team of Magento Experts
    • Pro-active support for Magento Web Development from scratch
    • Holistic Workflow
    • Adaptable Solution
    • Skilled and Experienced Magento Developers
    • Expert Management of Time and Resources
    • Balanced Solution Cost
    • 24/7 Support during the Development Process

    Our Magento Development Services

    Our results-driven attitude and technical competency have made our Magento development services a complete solution for many enterprises. We adopt a systematic approach that has helped us to be recognized as the most reliable partner for our customers. You can contact us for the following Magento Development services.

    Custom Magento Development

    Conversion is the primary goal of any eCommerce website, and customization of Magento stores helps store owners achieve this goal. Suppose you have an existing Magento store and wish to upgrade it with features that perfectly suit your store, thereby stand out from your competitors. In that case, we suggest you go for Custom Magento development. Based on your requirement and wish, we will help you develop a personalized solution, precisely the one you are looking forward to. Our custom Magento development services will equip your store with additional features and capabilities.

    Magento Web Design

    We provide excellent Magento web designs that are known for security, flexibility, and scalability. Being a renowned Magento development company with years of experience, we have been helping B2B and B2C companies to deliver high-quality services by providing attention to detail for developing a design according to your dream and wish. We also ensure that our method is future-proof, and when the need arises, you can modify the design accordingly. Our designers use the latest design trends and practices to provide an aesthetically pleasing, high-functional store that perfectly suits your business goals.

    Magento Integrations

    We provide a wide range of Magento development services which includes Magento integrations. To make your store equipped with technical competencies, we can do advanced integrations, thereby ensuring that your store is unique and way ahead of your competitors. Being an experienced Magento Solutions provider, we are recognized as the most reliable partner for customers who help customers elevate business both in terms of visibility and revenue. Our long-term experience helps us with Magento integrations without any conflicts or interferences.

    Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

    Being the top-rate Magento development solutions provider, we guarantee that our Magento migration experts will transfer your data without loss or interruptions. We are one of the premier extension builders. They can augment your store’s capabilities by sharing, design, extension, database, and custom functionality of your Magento 1 store by helping you to migrate to Magento 2. We ensure that the enhanced version of Magento will increase your conversion rate, improve functionality, and improve store features. We provide Theme Migration, Extension Migration, Customizations Migration, Data Migration, and more to help you with the diverse challenges of your Magento platform..

    Magento Extension Development

    We can help you with Magento Extension development that augments your store functionalities. It is essential to have a feature-rich store to offer a memorable shopping experience, and with Magento extension development, we help you overcome the shortcomings of your store. We can incorporate features that automate various administrative tasks of your store through extension development like shipping, payment, order management, etc. The extension development we have carried out for our customers has helped them improve their sales and revenue. Our Magento extension theme Development is focused on your convenience.

    Magento Theme Development

    We develop a theme for your store that speaks your business identity. We ensure that your store’s visual design and storefront have consistency in its look, feel, and usability. We can design your store theme as per your wish and interest.
    We ensure the custom templates, layouts, images, and styles will be following your likeness, but we will ensure that it will only enhance the functionality of your store. The theme will be something that your customers will never forget and feel connected. We assure you that our Magento-certified experts can create custom themes for your store as per your choice.

    Magento Speed Optimization

    Speed is one of the crucial factors that determine the functionality of the store. A slow loading site makes customers frustrated and forces them to leave the store without completing the shopping. Many of our customers have come to us with slow-loading sites, and we have helped them with Magento Performance optimization without compromising the UX. Our Magento experts carry out performance optimization for your store without affecting its visual beauty. We can help you reduce operational costs and increase customer engagement, thereby boosting search rankings, conversion rates, and more. After analyzing and studying your requirement, we will define a customized Magento Speed optimization plan that will work best for your store.

    Magento Support and Maintenance

    We offer Magento support and maintenance that helps you with the trouble-free performance of your website. You will not have to worry about the technical hurdles that hinder the continuous growth of your business. As a complete eCommerce Solution provider, we will be available 24/7 to protect you from anything potentially resulting in sales loss. We will rectify issues like error messages, hacking, page loading delay, and more, ensuring a fully functional store. Our Magento expert team consistently works with you to make your store competent, stable in performance and conversion. Our constant support and maintenance will make your store stay ahead of your competitors, and your users will recognize the store for its performance.

    Magento Security and Backup

    We help you protect your store from potential threats like data leaks, unauthorized transactions, information theft, malware attacks, and more. Even if Magento is known for its built-in security, it is always better to run a security scan, and we can do it for you without any disturbances to your existing store. Our Magento experts will monitor your store and take the necessary steps to make your website secure and safe. We will constantly be in touch with you to make your site safe and secured from possible threats and malware attacks. We monitor your store for vulnerability and misconfigurations, which usually never happens with our website development. If we detect any cybersecurity threats, we will help you rectify them to own a wholly secured website.

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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    November 1, 2023



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    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    May 6, 2022

    We were facing multiple issues with our store. When we approached team CartKnitter, they could immediately


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    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    February 15, 2022

    We wanted to develop a store of our dreams and CartKnitter helped us achieve that! We were not sure about the features and functionalities but the team was very supportive. They were with us whenever we were in trouble.


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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    October 20, 2021

    On-time delivery, timely communication and compassion. I rate them with 5 stars!!


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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    August 11, 2021

    There was something missing in our business. Customers were abandoning carts and we were clueless on what’s happening. We also wanted to incorporate in-built reward programs. So we decided to utilize the advantage of open-source functionality. We hired a developer from CartKnitter, the best decision we ever made.


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    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    March 28, 2021

    CartKnitter helped us build our dream store easily. From the start till the completion date, they were friendly and professional. A well-experienced and approachable team, whom I shall recommend without a second thought.



    How much would it cost me to develop a Magento eCommerce website?

    The cost of developing a project varies based on its size, complexity, and scope. However, the majority of the projects are undertaken on a fixed-cost or fixed-time basis. We do recommend purchasing a block of time for troubleshoots. An estimate for the project at hand will be sent to you. Additionally, our Magento web developers may be able to complete the project ahead of schedule. In this situation, you may be eligible for a refund of the remaining hours.

    Will I be kept up to date on the Magento development project's progress?

    We make it a point to be in touch with our clients throughout the project as a Magento eCommerce development firm. Your allocated project manager will keep you up to date on all of the latest developments. Our customer service specialist will be accessible to answer any queries you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the job takes more time, you’ll be notified ahead of time. You can reach out to the Manager using whatever communication channel you like, including Skype, email, phone, and instant message programmes. In other words, the client is kept informed from the start of the project until it is completed.

    What happens if my website does not function as expected after the project is completed?

    One of the greatest Magento development servicesMigration Services in the globe is provided by us. This implies we have a dependable quality assurance staff that inspects each job prior to delivery. If you have a problem with the project after it has been delivered, our Magento website developers will rectify it within 30 days of the work being released for production. This does not, however, include issues caused by server/plugins, code modifications, or changes to third-party service providers.

    Is it possible for you to create a custom extension from the ground up for my eCommerce business?

    Yes, we can build a custom Magento extension from the ground up that includes all of the features you require. The custom extension allows you to add unique features to your store that will aid your business operations or improve the user experience. Our Magento web developers have worked with a variety of payment methods, shipping extensions, or sales plugins, among other things.

    Is it possible for your SEO professionals to optimize my Magento store for search engines?

    Yes. Our SEO specialists are more than capable of optimizing your Magento store for search engines. Our SEO professionals and Magento experts will assess your store and implement the essential SEO strategies to boost its SEO strength and search engine ranking. We can handle everything from keyword research to meta optimization to link analysis and technical SEO.

    Is it possible for you to convert my existing website from another platform to Magento?

    Yes. Our Magento migration specialists are more than capable of transferring your existing eCommerce store from another platform. We’ll transfer all of your data from your current store with care, ensuring that no data is lost or corrupted. We’ll additionally keep track of all the entities in the target store’s relationship. Furthermore, we’ll keep your store’s SEO strength intact.

    Have any of your Magento developers worked with Magento Commerce before?

    Yes. Our Magento website developers have worked on a variety of complicated and layered enterprise-level Magento Commerce websites in a variety of industries. As a result, our Magento Commerce professionals can help you design, customize, and alter any component of your website. We can manage any demand for your eCommerce business, from inventory to sales.

    Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

    Yes. Client confidentiality is important to us, so no sensitive project information shared with the client will ever be leaked or transferred to a third party. The code and other materials will be accessible only to the project’s internal management team. Rest assured that any important information is secure.

    Will I get the sole ownership of the source files after the project is completed?

    Yes, we will definitely send the source files to you and will provide you with the source code.

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