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Why Choose Cartknitter for Shopify Migration?

Setting up a new storefront is relatively simple compared to platform migration. It’s not easy to switch from a classic e-commerce system to Shopify. You must ensure that Shopify Migration is completed flawlessly for the first time, with the least possible damage to your store’s data and rating. We have a wide range of migration services to any eCommerce platform and help you migrate all of the items, including product categories, orders, customers, data, and content from your web store, without any hassles or chance of data loss.

Migrating all of your web store’s products, content, photos, order data, customer data, and other data can be a huge pain, especially if you’re working with inexperienced engineers. Our team of experienced designers and engineers has decades of combined expertise assisting businesses to switch from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify. We are a complete migration solution that promises seamless migration. We understand your essential requirements and enhance your ecommerce business without an expert Shopify migration service. Being an entire Shopify development company, we take up any migration project and solve the challenges hassle-free. We guarantee you to own an online shop with seamless, stress-free migration.  

CartKnitter migration experts provide a 99.99 percent uptime during the migrating process. Furthermore, as we methodically migrate all of your data, pixel-perfect store design, and code to the target BigCommerce store, your eCommerce website will experience no data or feature loss, as well as no traffic loss. Until the launch date, merchants can continue to use their current platform.

Shopify Migration Services From Cartknitter

Migration with No Loss

CartKnitter’s migration experts can safely and accurately transfer all of your essential data to your Shopify site. During the migration to the target store, your data will remain intact and not be corrupted. We ensure that your shop entities are transferred safely and completely. We understand your pain points as an online store owner, and our team of experts will complete the project the way you want it!

Relationship between the data

All store elements will preserve their original relationship from the source store to the target store during migration. CartKnitter migration experts will ensure that all components are accurately matched and that their relationships are preserved in the Shopify site after the conversion. Our dedicated team will study your business and bring the range of features and data transfer the way you want it.

Subcategories and categories

CartKnitter’s migration experts will assist you with transferring all of your source store’s categories and subcategories to the target store and adding them to Shopify collections. This step will add tags to the subcategories, then be shown as sub-menus on the Shopify site. A reduced bounce rate and increased success rate will result from our quality of service.

Migration from one medium to another

CartKnitter’s migration professionals will make it simple to move all of your source store’s visual, graphical, and multimedia aspects to your Shopify site. Our professionals will assist you in migrating photos, icons, pictures, and other items from product descriptions, categories, pages, and blog posts to your Shopify store. With our technical skills, we will take up the entire project and have an online business that makes the ultimate shopping experience for customers.

Strength in Search Engine Optimization

CartKnitter’s migration experts will assist you in preserving the SEO juice of your Shopify store’s URLs and unique pages. Our eCommerce experts can create URL redirects for your store when transitioning to Shopify. On your Shopify store, the old URLs will work as before. The URLs will help you maintain your current SEO ranking, and you will be super happy about our eCommerce migration services. A flawless migration that will ensure a perfect migration. We are all-in-one migration providers with advanced migration tools who assist in migrating your store and leveraging your business.

Migration of Testimonials

The helpful and informative evaluations left by consumers on each product detail page can be effectively moved to the appropriate Shopify page. Your potential future consumers will see these reviews in the same sequence as they were in the source shop on each product detail page. Category page migration is carried out with our advanced migration execution schedule. We will take your business to the next level. Your customers will access your business development activities and experiences, and understanding your business expertise will help them choose you! What more you need for business identity and business growth! Be ready to solve all your business issues with us!

What makes us unique?

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Shopify Migration Capabilities

  • Migrate all the MS Pages
  • Migrate all the Core Products
  • Migrate Multimedia Elements
  • Migrate all the Compatible plugins
  • Migrate all the Order History
  • Migrate Testimonials and Reviews
  • Migrate all the Customer Information
  • Migrate all the Tax Settings
  • Migrate all the Reward Points and Coupons
  • Migrate from any e-commerce platform to Shopify

Worry less, Migrate fast!


    Turn to CartKnitter when you need the utmost care to manage the intricacy of your store’s successful migration with an agency that is dependable, economical, and lightning-fast.

    You should not be held back by a lack of technical understanding.

    Because launching an online store can take months, having a reliable support system that can migrate your data and products to your new Shopify home is critical.

    Reduce the number of complications.

    The breadth of the migration procedure must be carefully planned because even a minor error can leave your data dangling by a thread. That is why CartKnitter believes in tight collaboration and complete transparency.

    Evenly distribute the budget.

    Replatforming can be expensive, but CartKnitter can assist in prioritizing needs and ensuring that the proper amount of money is spent on the relevant parts.

    SEO Implications

    CartKnitter ensures little SEO impact by providing API migration services to reduce 404-page errors or auto-adding URL redirects to preserve ranks and assure no SEO damage.

    Evenly distribute the budget.

    Replatforming can be expensive, but CartKnitter can assist in prioritizing needs and ensuring that the proper amount of money is spent on the relevant parts.

    CartKnitter ensures that data migration is seamless and fast.

    Our Shopify developers manage the migration of your customer, transaction, and product data using a combination of data migration tools, custom data mapping, and redirect management.

    Our professionals can also create the tools and integrations you were previously accustomed to.

    This means you could be selling on Shopify in under 30 days, allowing you to focus on building your business while we handle the technical details.

    Let’s get started!

    If you’re thinking about migrating your website to Shopify, consider that it’s more than merely copying website code into another platform. There are several details, each of which is equally vital. It is, without a doubt, a complex process. However, the end effect is well worth the work.

    A Bad Migration Can Cause Business Disruption! Why Would You Take Such a Risk?

    Let’s get started on your Shopify migration right now and have your e-commerce site up and operating as soon as possible!

    Why move to Shopify?

    It takes a lot of effort to transition from a legacy platform to a new one. Despite this, many business owners are switching from Shopify or another platform to Shopify. Is it worth it to put money towards migration? Here are some compelling reasons to switch to the platform (s).

    • Maintaining a Shopify store requires only moderate developer support.
    • A large number of features, functionality, add-ons and apps are available.
    • Security and hosting infrastructure are simple.
    • The website was set up and implemented quickly.
    • Payment processing is built-in for convenience.
    • Prices that are less expensive in comparison.

    Our Shopify Migration Methodology

    To help businesses reach their goals, we use a planned Shopify Migration strategy that includes several steps. Want to Know the steps?

    Why Should You Hire Us for Shopify Migration?

    You can rely on us to migrate your eStore to a more robust, feature-rich, interactive, and scalable Shopify platform with our wholly integrated and full-scale Shopify migration services.

    • We provide cutting-edge relocation solutions at an affordable price.
    • During the migration process, we keep your shop up and running.
    • Get professional assistance from Shopify migration professionals that are skilled and accredited.
    • We provide you with round-the-clock support via several communication methods such as phone, chat, and email.
    • To ensure that you receive the needed functionality on time, we adhere to strict quality and timeline guidelines.

    Do you want to create a Shopify store that is mobile-friendly?

    You receive the most effective, productive, and responsive Shopify store with our professional development team to increase your business’s online presence and potential. For at least five years, we’ve been assisting companies in outpacing the competition and providing value to their customers. Our Shopify solution is a one-stop-shop for all Shopify requirements.


    How long will it take for my eCommerce store to be converted to Shopify?

    The length of time it takes to migrate to Shopify is determined by your company’s needs. In other words, the amount of data that needs to be moved. The amount of time will be determined by the size of your inventory, CMS pages, customers, reviews, photos, and other factors. Furthermore, the Shopify API’s inherent constraints on the transfer of items, photos, and other data in order to make the platform stable and fair for all merchants will play a significant impact in the overall duration of your migration process.

    How much does it cost to move my eCommerce store to Shopify?

    We are unable to provide a specific migration cost at this time. After thoroughly examining your business size and business procedures, the migration specialists and Shopify experts arrive at a cost-effective fee. The final transfer price is determined by the amount of data in your source store, such as merchandise, customers, subscriptions, discounts, reviews, and so on.

    Will there be any downtime on my existing store as I migrate to Shopify?

    No. We are one of the most reputable platform migration companies. During the re-platforming process, our migration experts will keep your shop up and running. Customers can  access the store as usual, and no store processes will be affected during the transition. When your source store receives the least amount of traffic, the migration professionals can even re-platform it.

    Is it possible to move my eCommerce store's design to Shopify?

    You should be able to change the same design on the Shopify platform in most circumstances. In some circumstances, you may need to tweak the design slightly to make it suitable with the Shopify platform and align it properly. Otherwise, you’d have to start over with a new theme, but fortunately, we have highly competent designers on staff that can update your design to match your company’s identity.

    Will the data in my store be safe throughout the transition to Shopify?

    Yes. CartKnitter’s  migration professionals can transfer all of your data from the source shop to the Shopify platform in a secure and safe manner. To ensure optimal security, our World-Class Team of Shopify migration professionals undertake all migration-related procedures on a dedicated and separate server. Throughout the migration process, our professionals protect your data with 128-bit SSL encryption and the secure HTTPS protocol.

    Will my material from the old store be transferred to the new Shopify store?

    Yes. Our migration professionals are capable of migrating Content pages to Shopify and properly structuring them. After the migration, our mapping exercise will guarantee that the content inventory is properly matched. We’ll use the inherent features of the Shopify platform to fetch, execute, and arrange all of the content kinds in a logical order.

    Can your migration professionals keep my Shopify store's SEO juice?

    Yes, we certainly can. We have a skilled staff of migration experts and SEO specialists who will make sure you don’t lose your search engine rankings. Every unique URL (page) will retain all of its SEO strength acquired over the years. We make 1:1 redirects, examine redirect chains, and favour “SEO beneficial” URLs, among other things. Our professionals will save old URLs and migrate your eCommerce store’s SEO successfully.

    Is it possible to save order IDs while transferring to Shopify?

    Yes. While migrating their eCommerce stores to Shopify, our team of professionals allows store owners to keep their order IDs. The code assigned as a unique identification with a defined order will be transferred to the destination store by our migration professionals.

    Is it possible to transfer my reward points from the original store to Shopify?

    Yes, Customer Reward points can be transferred to Shopify. The amount of points earned by each user account, the number of points redeemed, the value of these points, and their expiration date are all seamlessly transmitted to the Shopify store. On the target shop, the migration experts can also keep the reward programme model.

    How will you keep us informed about the status of our migration project?

    We keep our clients informed about the status of their migration project through proactive communication. We will assign you a project manager who will keep in touch with you and keep you updated on the project’s progress. Additionally, you can contact us via Skype, email, phone, instant message programmes, or any other method.

    Want a migration as fast as lightning?