Wix Development Services

Develop a full-fledged Wix store and add personalized features, functionalities, and operational capabilities with the help of a first-generation Wix expert.

Wix Development Services

Engineer the Success of Your Online Store With Wix Development Service Providers

CartKnitter has a team of expert designers and developers who started working on the Wix platform in 2006. With almost a decade of experience on the platform, our expert team can navigate every nook and corner of your Wix site. While Wix provides you with all the essential features and capabilities for running a profitable online store, we maximize its potential with custom development.

Our comprehensive approach and an integrated optimization process enable us to develop custom solutions that work seamlessly on Wix. The experts at CartKnitter boast a professional experience of almost a decade on the Wix platform, crafting ultra-unique shopping experiences for B2B and B2C brands. Over the years, we also collaborated with leading software and financial brands to create custom Wix solutions.

Drawing inspiration from our past projects, we built fully-optimized Wix development services for our clients. Our process minimizes project turnaround time for Wix development services and enables you to launch your site to the market faster. The comprehensive development services from CartKnitter include Wix store development from scratch to installing custom apps and integrations to your online store.

Expert Team of Designers and Developers for Custom Wix Development Services

Expert Team of Designers and Developers for Custom Wix Development Services

CartKnitter’s team of Wix experts is one of a kind because of their in-depth expertise of the platform and nearly a decade of platform experience. Our innovative Wix solutions power world-leading brands, including B2B companies and large government organizations. As a first-generation Wix expert, we can effectively collaborate with the Wix team to implement custom changes to your online store.

Wix’s platform is famous for supporting businesses in various niches, including wholesale and retail eCommerce. It hosts millions of online stores and provides numerous out-of-the-box capabilities but drags behind in personalization compared to its open-source alternatives. We enable you to bridge this gap and develop custom Wix solutions that optimize your online sales potential. Our in-depth platform knowledge and coding capability will allow you to build a unique and sustainable Wix store.

Our Advanced Wix Development Services

Custom Wix Store Strategy

Our expert team can create a custom Wix website strategy to enhance your store’s features and functionalities to facilitate a seamless shopping experience. Our personalized plans for Wix stores focus on your goals and identify the most efficient way to achieve those results. We create a custom roadmap featuring the action plan for reaching your goals and the steps you must take.

Personalized Wix Web Design

With our expert Wix designers, you can create a fully-personalized design for your Wix store without the limitations of pre-made templates. We enable B2B and B2C brands to match their brand identity with their online presence by creating a unique and engaging user experience. Our action plan allows you to intelligently use Wix templates and custom coding to optimize your Wix store design.

Wix Website Development

From concept to execution, our professional team will help you build the most functional and aesthetic Wix store for your business. Our expert team deeply analyzes your design and applicable requirements and converts them to reality. We employ custom coding to add unique eCommerce capabilities. More importantly, we save you valuable time and effort in building your online store.

Custom Wix Theme Development

Our expert team can help you design and develop a customized Wix theme for your business using the stock tools from Wix and custom development. As a first-generation Wix expert with thousands of successful projects, we can help you build a theme faster. By doing so, we significantly reduce the turnaround time while enhancing design flexibility with custom development.

Custom Wix App Development

With our expert help, you can effortlessly add advanced and unique eCommerce capabilities to your Wix store. Our expertise in creating dedicated Wix apps and custom integrations enables us to add any advanced eCommerce capability to your online store. Our Wix apps power some leading brands worldwide, enhancing user interaction and business management capabilities.

Wix Custom Development Services

Wix provides a complete eCommerce package that lets you access most features and functionalities required for a streamlined user experience. However, the platform has limited personalization options compared to open-source platforms. We bridge this gap by providing holistic Wix custom development services to add personalized features and functions to your Wix store.

Wix Platform Migration Services

Migrate your existing website to the advanced Wix platform and enjoy superior design flexibility with its built-in drag-and-drop builder. Our experts can seamlessly transfer everything from your existing website, including content, design, and layout, to the Wix platform. CartKnitter’s smooth migration process can move features and functionalities, even if it requires custom coding.

Wix Mobile App Development

Creating mobile apps compatible with the Wix platform lets you provide customers with a 360-degree online shopping experience. Our expert team can build a mobile app to complement your mobile-friendly Wix website. The mobile app we create extends as different sales channels, helping you boost your reach and overall sales and revenue.

Wix Native and Third-party Integrations

Wix App Market offers extensive apps and extensions to enhance your eCommerce capabilities. We can help you integrate apps from the marketplace and third-party software providers for better optimizing your online business. Our advanced native and third-party integration provides a complete shopping experience for customers and advanced management capabilities for the admin.

Wix Performance Optimization

Optimize the performance of your online store with our comprehensive Wix performance optimization services. We secure the fast loading of your Wix pages while ensuring smooth and intuitive navigation. The enhanced user experience encourages customers to return to your online store while positively impacting your SEO rankings.

Custom Payment Gateways for Wix

We can help you maximize the payment flexibility of your Wix store with custom payment gateway integrations. Our expertise in working with leading payment solution providers and creating custom payment solutions for Wix lets us optimize your online transaction capability. The experts at CartKnitter also ensure the security of the payment solutions and protect sensitive payment details.

Advanced Wix Analytics and Reporting

CartKnitter enables you to access your online store’s advanced analytic and reporting capabilities. Our advanced coding knowledge lets us incorporate superior analytics tools and solutions into your Wix store to assess user behavior better. The deep insights enable you to optimize your online store, minimize friction elements, and boost conversions.

Wix Security Solutions and Encryptions

Security is at the heart of everything we do at CartKnitter. As a company that deals with high-risk businesses, including healthcare organizations, we comply with all leading data protection standards. We are HIPAA and GDPR-compliant and implement advanced encryptions to protect your data online. As a result, your sensitive information is always safe under our watch.

Wix Training and Consultation

We provide a comprehensive Wix training and consultation program to help you better manage your online business. Our personalized Wix training program lets you assess your online business and its requirements. We also provide expert tips and tricks for optimizing user experience and operational management using Wix.

Wix Maintenance and Support

CartKnitter offers a dedicated team for your Wix maintenance and support needs. Our true professionals, including certified designers and developers, are just a call away to help you. We ensure the optimal functioning of your online store with our advanced ongoing support, enabling you to promptly address issues and fix them without impacting the customer experience.

Build Your Wix Store With Advanced Customizations to Improve Customer Experience and Optimize Operational Management
Begin Your eCommerce Journey With First-generation Wix Experts

    What Sets Our Wix Development Services Apart?

    Data-driven Wix Development Strategies

    At CartKnitter, we follow a data-driven approach to our Wix development services. We use cutting-edge tools and software solutions to assess your requirements and formulate a development plan that minimizes the project turnaround time and development cost.

    Latest Tech and AI-based Tools

    Our Wix development experts embrace the latest technologies and AI-based tools to obtain advanced insights and make data-backed decisions. We assess various elements, including market trends and user behavior, to deliver a memorable shopping experience on your Wix store.

    Professional Eye for Detail

    Working with leading B2B and B2C brands and developing numerous Wix websites since 2006, we know everything there is to Wix development. Our experts can instinctively tell what the effects of potential customization or integration are, enabling us to streamline the functioning of the codes.

    Advanced Wireframes and Prototypes

    We use fully-interactive wireframes and prototypes to convey the results of our Wix development projects. It enables you to apply appropriate design, layout, and features to your Wix store pages to ensure a seamless user experience.

    Iterated Quality Testing Process

    Our dedicated QA team goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the top-notch quality of all our Wix development services. We use an iterated quality testing approach to reveal vulnerabilities and put up extra measures for the smooth functioning of your Wix website.

    Holistic Wix Development Services

    CartKnitter’s holistic Wix development services include everything from helping you select the ideal Wix app to integrating custom capabilities into your online store. Our team employs an optimized and tested approach to build Wix stores with record low time.

    What Sets Our Wix Development Services Apart?
    CartKnitter’s Best Practices for Wix Development Services

    CartKnitter’s Best Practices for Wix Development Services

    Mobile-ready Wix Designs and Layouts

    Wix provides an extensive collection of mobile-friendly templates and layouts for your online store. Our experts ensure apt customization without compromising mobile-optimized viewing. All our custom Wix stores and themes work perfectly on all mobile devices and leading browsers.

    Standard Wix Performance Enhancements

    At CartKnitter, we provide Wix performance enhancements as a standard service. Whether building a personalized Wix theme or developing a custom Wix app from scratch, we always ensure the changes we make improve your store’s performance.

    SEO-driven Customizations for Wix

    Our team of experts knows the significance of SEO more than anyone else. We provide a rare SEO-driven customization for Wix that helps you quickly improve your online visibility and climb the SERP position ladder.

    Human-centric Wix Development Approach

    The human-centric approach to Wix development enables us to meet the needs of the customer and the admin. We focus on simplifying business management for store owners and streamlining the shopping experience for customers.

    Data Protection and Transparency

    As a leading Wix expert, we always prioritize data safety and security. Working with leading healthcare brands and international companies, we comply with data protection laws like HIPAA and GDPR. Our team ensures the utmost safety for your sensitive information throughout the project.

    Our Fail-proof Guide for Wix Development

    Initiation With Personal Consultation

    We kickstart every major Wix project with a highly personal consultation session where we discuss your eCommerce needs in depth. Our experts then identify vital design and functional elements required for creating your dream Wix store.

    Secondary Consultation With an Experienced Business Analyst

    Our consultation process has two stages: you meet with our experienced business analysts after the initial discussion. The seasoned professionals at CartKnitter deeply dive into your requirements to refine your objectives based on considerations like turnaround time and development cost.

    Design and Development Initiation

    Once we have a clear plan and establish a roadmap for the Wix development project, our expert team initiates the design and development stage. The initiation happens after multiple rounds of discussion and submitting a fully-interactive prototype to minimize errors and miscommunication.

    Robust Quality Testing and Assessment

    Our dedicated QA team starts their magic after completing the design and development stage. Our QA team identifies gaps or complications in the Wix development project and rectifies them before they impact your business.

    Optimized Project Turnaround Time

    One of the specialties of our Wix development services is our super accurate project delivery time. Years of expertise on the platform and in-depth coding knowledge enable us to give a precise ETA and ensure optimal project turnaround time.

    Our Fail-proof Guide for Wix Development
    Our Fail-proof Guide for Wix Development

    Why Choose CaryKnitter as Your Favorite Wix Development Services Provider?

    CartKnitter is at the pinnacle of Wix’s expertise. With almost a decade of knowledge of the platforms and numerous successful customization, CartKnitter is in a league of its own. We pioneered several custom apps and integrations that power Wix websites for leading B2B and B2C brands worldwide. We take the robust platform to new heights with innovative customizations and integrations.

    Besides custom coding new features and functionalities, we help businesses manifest their ideas to reality with minimal development time. Our personalized consultation helps companies identify relevant Wix apps and integrations to optimize their store’s shopping experience. Moreover, our customization allows businesses to manage complex operations, including extensive inventory and product management.

    • First-generation Wix development expert
    • Custom app development for Wix
    • Personalized apps and integrations
    • Dedicated quality assessment team
    • Iterated quality testing and assurance
    • Almost a decade of Wix experience
    • Specialized B2B and B2C Wix development
    • Advanced analytic and reporting

    Get Professional Help to Build a Wix Store and Optimize it for Maximum Sales and Conversions

    Wix may offer the best eCommerce features and a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, but it does not substitute the expertise of a professional. Our expert team uses their years of expertise to customize your Wix store innovatively and maximize your business returns.

    Unmatched Wix Expertise

    One of the key benefits of seeking professional help from CartKnitter for Wix development services is our unmatched expertise. We are among the few developers worldwide who can customize and optimize all aspects of a Wix store without compromising performance and online visibility.

    Wix App Development From Scratch

    With profound expertise in the Wix platform and years of experience, we can build any app or integration to enhance your eCommerce capabilities. Our holistic and human-centric approach makes shopping enjoyable for customers and business management easy for the admin.

    Super Precise Wix Timeline

    One thing that makes our Wix development services stand out from the crowd is our super accurate timeline. Our experts use their years of expertise and keen observation skills to predict a precise project turnaround time and help you release the site to the public significantly faster.

    Tailored Wix Apps and Integrations

    Our personalized Wix apps and integrations power some of the world’s leading eCommerce stores. From custom payment gateways to personalized CRM solutions, we do everything necessary to ensure a seamless purchase journey for the customer and the admin.

    Consistent Customer Support and Maintenance

    With our consistent customer support and maintenance, you will never face a situation concerning your Wix store alone. Our trained professionals are always available to help you with your Wix development needs and provide you with all the ongoing support you need.

    Why Choose CaryKnitter as Your Favorite Wix Development Services Provider?

    Wix Development Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Why should I choose Wix to develop an online store for my business?

      Wix is one of the best platforms to build a new eCommerce store, especially if you are a beginner. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to create a personalized website without extensive coding knowledge. Besides, the platform offers diverse templates and many features to meet your unique business needs.

    • Can I update my Wix store while keeping it live for the customers?

      Wix content updates are easy and seamless. It lets you keep your online store running while updating texts, images, and other elements using the Wix Editor. However, updating the software side of Wix can be challenging, primarily if your site uses numerous apps and extensions. In such cases, seeking professional help with the Wix update is best.

    • Can I develop a Wix store without any coding skills?

      Wix offers one of the most convenient platforms for building an eCommerce store, even without coding skills. It uses a simplified drag-and-drop setup that lets you create and personalize the aesthetics of your online store. However, implementing more complex customizations may require expert help, such as developing dedicated Wix apps and integrations.

    • What is the typical turnaround time for a Wix store development project?

      A Wix store development project has no fixed turnaround time, as the timeline can vary significantly based on the complexity. Wix’s user-friendly setup lets you quickly set up an online storefront for your business. However, heavy customizations and the developer’s expertise can significantly impact the turnaround time.

    • How can I enhance the SEO capabilities of my Wix store?

      The Wix platform offers several SEO-friendly features and capabilities right out of the box. It lets you customize meta tags and alt texts. We can help you improve the existing SEO capabilities and add new ones to improve your online visibility. Moreover, our extensive SEO knowledge enables us to help you reach the top SERP position more efficiently.

    • What is the cost of developing a Wix website for my business?

      The development cost for building a Wix website for your business can vary based on your unique requirements. Wix offers various pricing plans for building an online store on their platform. You can choose a plan that best suits your needs and product catalog. However, the cost can vary if you want to add complex custom capabilities to your Wix store.

    • Can I use my existing domain to start a Wix website?

      You can quickly connect your existing domain with Wix. Our experts can carry out a seamless and accurate migration of your existing website to the Wix platform. Our advanced Wix migration services enable you to transfer every small element from your current site to the advanced Wix platform, including content, features, and functionalities.

    • How can I ensure mobile responsiveness for my Wix website?

      Wix websites are mobile-friendly and can work seamlessly on all leading devices and browsers. However, the mobile responsiveness of your Wix website can suffer with some customized features and capabilities. We can ensure optimal performance or proper loading of your Wix store while maintaining the integrity of your site’s layout and design.

    • Can I integrate third-party apps with my Wix store?

      With Wix App Market, you can access an extensive range of apps and integrations for enhancing your online selling capabilities. We can integrate third-party apps from leading software companies to improve your eCommerce capability and streamline your online operations. Our advanced Wix integration service can help streamline the user and admin experience.

    • How feasible is Wix for an enterprise-level eCommerce business?

      Wix’s advanced eCommerce capabilities can serve all businesses regardless of size or niche. In other words, Wix offers superior scalability and a high-end platform version for enterprise-level companies. Our experts can customize the Wix site to accommodate the custom features and capabilities required for running a large-scale online business.

    • Do you provide ongoing support for Wix development?

      Our holistic Wix development services come with ongoing support for Wix development. Our expert team is always available to serve you regardless of the time or place. Besides, Wix has a dedicated team to provide you with ongoing support. We collaborate with the Wix team and you to provide apt and responsive ongoing support.

    • Can I customize the design and layout of my Wix site?

      You can customize the online storefront on Wix using the wide range of templates and user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, letting you personalize every aspect of your store. However, complex customizations require a professional touch. As a first-generation Wix expert, we can help you customize all aspects of your Wix store, including dashboard customizations.

    • What is the best way to optimize the content management capabilities of my Wix store?

      With Wix, you get some attractive content management capabilities right out of the box, such as advanced blogging features. You can manage categories, tags, and social sharing options for your content on Wix. We can bring these content management capabilities to the next level to implement advanced content marketing strategies via your Wix store.

    • How do I add custom contact forms in my Wix store?

      Our expert team can quickly add custom contact forms to your Wix website. You can use the built-in builder to add contact forms and personalize them. We can create a custom contact form with unique fields to collect relevant information from users. Our extensive experience enables us to add goal-specific contact forms to your store.

    • How can I optimize the online security of my Wix website?

      We can provide a 360–degree security optimization for your Wix store. The platform already provides you with secure hosting and SSL certification. Our expert team works closely with leading brands in healthcare, finance, and more. We ensure compliance with all leading compliance standards, including HIPAA and GDPR, to ensure your data is safe.

    • How can I get more analytic capabilities for my Wix store?

      Wix provides essential analytics capabilities and tools for optimizing your eCommerce store. It can help you track website traffic and even assess visitor behavior. However, having more advanced tools and features would be best to get deeper insights. We can help enhance the analytic capabilities via third-party apps or custom development.

    • Are there any limitations to how many pages I can have on my Wix website?

      There are no limitations to the number of pages on your Wix website. While you can effortlessly create as many pages as you want, it can take up a significant amount of time. The more feasible option is delegating responsibility to a professional Wix developer. Our experts can create numerous Wix more efficiently, saving time and effort.

    • How do I update my Wix website without compromising my existing third-party integrations?

      Our Wix development services include a holistic Wix update service where we update your Wix store and ensure operational efficiency. We ensure every third-party app and integration works seamlessly on your Wix store, even after significant updates. Our expert team checks every code line to provide seamless access to features and functionalities after the update.

    • Is it possible to integrate custom payment gateways into my Wix site?

      The expert team at CartKnitter can help you add custom payment gateways to enhance payment flexibility on your online store. Wix lets you integrate many leading payment gateways, but not all. We can develop a custom solution to enable transactions using exclusive gateways that are otherwise not supported on the Wix platform.

    • Do I need to hire a professional for Wix development services?

      Wix enables you to build and run a full-fledged online store with zero coding and an advanced drag-and-drop builder. However, complex customization, such as integrating custom payment gateways to Wix, often requires professional help. It is advisable to seek professional Wix development services for complex customization and saving your valuable time.