High Concrete Accessories

High Concrete accessories, an affiliate of high concrete group LLC is a leading firm specialized in dealing with the multitude of precast concrete accessories across United States since 1995.

What the client required?

In the process of delivering a valuable online shopping experience, the client required a set of added features to streamline the online business, so they can focus on their best part – selling.

How CartKnitter helped them out?

As an experienced Magento web development company, CartKnitter precisely focused to the client requirements and build a platform that engages more customers thus allowing for increased sales and profitability. With the best commerce platform Magento, we managed to effortlessly categorise products and categories, apply order edit functionality, integrate Authorize.Net CIM and execute the order cum upload function for an enhanced experience.

What they gained?

The expectation for a defined online purchase is met through our Magento solutions; essentially the customers can shop products on their own terms and time.

The Challenge

The real challenge remained in keeping the expectations, particularly the changing needs of the customers and the client. But what is intelligible is, as a pride Magento partner, we combines the best practices to form a solution that is encouraging and interesting. The challenge within the site is to provide the users a good product search and make the order right; and CartKnitter is successful in this endeavour to making the site better on displaying product overview, navigation, and flexible to order online.

CartKnitter is specific about creating a profound impact on a customer’s final purchase decision – because users still want to experience the possible online purchase when they make a visit to the site. When it comes to combining various elements for a successful ecommerce store, Magento helps in building a connection between the users and products very well.

It was the need for the client to balance product identity and develop a menu structure within the website to ensure that each customer has good visibility over accessories, so that they can straightaway order the items. To achieve this balance, CartKnitter made an effort to include a structure that has a transparent selection choice and payment system with Magento.

CartKnitter Solutions

CartKnitter manages to deliver solutions in a way that agrees with the client requirements. One of the things is about the in-store experience it extends to the users – where they can enter into the High Concrete accessories site and click the “order products” menu for viewing and ordering the concrete accessories as they want.

Order edit functionality
Embedded with the order edit extension, the placed orders/existing orders can be edited. CartKnitter has made it possible to quickly edit the placed orders trouble-free, without cancelling and creating new orders. . It is this functionality that gives much transparency to the choice of selection.

Authorize.net CIM plug-in
Proper payment system is considered to be the backbone of an ecommerce store. CartKnitter gave an edge to the payment system with the integration of Authorize.Net CIM extension. It extends the most advanced integrations for the ecommerce while providing high security and reliability. With this system, the credit card and the eCheck processing can be done secured. The CIM version gives a much control over the user till the checkout process.

Upload functionality
The site is powered with order upload function which allows the customers to upload products in E-market without affecting the core Magento files. Combining these functionalities together, CartKnitter aims for a cohesive experience that fulfils customer online purchase in quick time.

You have reasons to choose us, as we can guide you to become successful in the ecommerce market -if to build a website suitable for you or to upload your products in some familiar E-marketplace.

The Results

CartKnitter’s success is driven by the core values of expertise, time and people.

Your business needs to reach a huge crowd in order to get noticed and you need to dive into an ecommerce platform by approaching an expert ecommerce consultant. “High Concrete accessories” is aware of the fact, that as certified Magento experts, CartKnitter is capable enough to expand their business in the online world.

CartKnitter helped the client to change their platform from Volusion to a complete Magento store with the addition of some add-on functionalities and the payment system. The store features some of the Magento functionalities for order editing, order cum upload functionality and the authorized.net CIM plug-in for an easy payment solution.

Magento’s power is indescribable, it opens door for new opportunities with number of functionalities that are essential for ecommerce transactions. Being a Magento partner, we precisely go through your requirements and customize solutions. Our expertise goes beyond simply adding the extensions and plug-ins, but we are good enough to make custom modifications to some of the Magento options such as the cart processing, shipping fees, product display, and payment system.

The core skill sets we have in our hands on Magento development give us the thrust to develop any size and kind of B2B or B2C ecommerce portals. CartKnitter’s ecommerce solutions are here to help you generate a sustainable and reliable success to your business with world’s best ecommerce platform – Magento.