Client Introduction

Uniqknits is specialized in dealing with Self-heating gloves. Comes in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics, these self-heating gloves keep your hands comfortably warm in the cold conditions.

What the client required?

Like any other ecommerce stores, uniqknits also wanted a reliable and a complete solution that gets into some of their detailed business processes i.e. from making the order edit to allowing users to preorder products and to initiate a smooth payment system.

How CartKnitter assisted the client?

We laid a strong foundation for a powerful solution that helps the client to excel at every step of the way. Powered with word press and Magento functionalities, the client has got a perfect online store wherein the customers can enjoy easy convenient shopping.

What they gained?

Now uniqknits has achieved a platform embedded with advanced features, offering them a valuable time for effective management of all its sales and payment process.

The Challenge

Focusing on the efforts of integrating Word press and Magento itself was challenging.

It’s a situation that we needed to focus on things that really matters: since Magento is product based and Word press is content based. Being an expert in CMS development, CartKnitter had to exploit the power of both platforms to get a better online store experience. Combining the platforms together, seamlessly integrate the themes, make the navigation simple, and ease the process to order completion.

Selecting the suitable plug-ins or extensions that make the integration is daunting; thankfully we did it for uniqknits very well. CartKnitter extended the store functionalities with advanced features and have managed to invest in exploring solutions that deal with the critical aspect of Magento Word press integration.

This integration let the users to experience a good shopping straightaway without the need to login into two systems separately. CartKnitter made an effort to include a structure where the customers are never prompted to login twice.

The Solution

CartKnitter delivered a better shopping accessibility, easier connectivity and better productivity. We went beyond the client expectations by implementing effective changes in the system. The changes needed to happen was well-defined by the client and accordingly we successfully integrated preorder functionality, order edit functionality and the authorize.net CIM payment system.

While the word press allowing the site to have a better visibility and promote products through communication with the users, Magento can handle the comprehensive aspects of the online transactions such as creating and managing products, creating orders and making the shipments.

Authorize.net CIM payment system

By integrating authorize.net CIM, the client has got a new payment processing system that takes the store transaction to new level. This system offers many advanced features than the other available payment gateways.

Pre order functionality
CartKnitter powered the site with Magento pre order extension that allows the customers to purchase items which haven’t reached in the store. This gives much flexibility to the users where they can backorder the items with multiple stock units.

Order edit functionality
It initiated the facility to easily manage the orders; to edit the orders without cancelling and make changes in the current order. The orders include the shipping and payment methods, order status and the adding or removing items.

When you are looking for reliable and scalable ecommerce solution you have option before you – to choose the best ecommerce developer. As the Magento Experts, we find perfect solution for your online business that encompasses all ecommerce features.

The Results

Successful business is all that matters and CartKnitter knows exactly what the client wants.

We helped the client to get a fair advantage over their competitors by implementing many of the ecommerce store functionalities. Functionalities of both the Word press CMS and Magento Platform created an impact that let the users to enjoy the convenience of shopping. It was a success for us to complete their requirements and the client is excited to have an easier time bringing in positive outcomes.

CartKnitter managed to create an effortless content-to-cart experience and it’s a great solution that elegantly runs the Magento store on Word Press Platform.
Deep down, you have got a compelling reason why you should choose CartKnitter for your next Magento project than the other ecommerce providers. Following the root causes of success, as certified Magento Experts, we can offer client a perfect ecommerce solution combined with the best practices – we know how to start working on the factors to be successful.

The skills we have on Magento development give us the confident to assist clients to develop any B2B or B2C ecommerce portals. CartKnitter’s e commerce solutions are here to help you generate a sustainable and reliable success to your business with world’s best ecommerce platform – Magento.