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Magento Migration Service is tedious, and it is an old story!

With CartKnitter, migrating store data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is as simple as ABC. We offer a budget-friendly Migration cost. We help you create a risk-free and high-functional Magento Migration for improved performance and increase in revenue.
Enhance customer satisfaction with custom features, custom extensions and custom categorization features.


    Complex processes are simplified for client satisfaction and to help meet business goals in the best way possible.

    What is your benefit with this upgrade service?

    • Own an enterprise platform
    • Faster checkout and cost saving
    • Efficient digital experience
    • Out-of-the box functionality
    • Optimal architecture
    • Grid for catalog
    • Continuous delivery solutions
    • Competitive Ecommerce solution
    • Persistent Shopping Cart
    • Excellent search capabilities
    • Excellent features of Magento Open source

    Complex processes are simplified for client satisfaction and to help meet business goals in the best way possible.

    Now is the time to upgrade your Magento 1 store to Magento Commerce 2. Because Magento 1 version support already stopped in June 2020… Is there a more compelling reason than this? The countdown is already underway, continued growth is guaranteed for your Ecommerce solution. Be it B2B integrations, every complex integrations is simplified. Beyond migration 3rd party extensions and fresh design are ensured for your high functional eCommerce store.

    Many online businesses have already switched from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and are reaping the benefits.

    Magento 2 migration service from one Magento version to another might be challenging. There is a clear requirement for a specialist to handle this process professionally. You must ensure that all of your product, customer, and order data is correctly migrated to the most recent Magento version, 2.4.3.

    Never compromise on ensuring that any existing integrations are carried over and are fully functional after the migration is completed offering an outstanding customer experience. Also, you must also ensure that your store’s URL structure and SEO rankings are not jeopardized. Finally, once the migration is completed to the new site, it operates quickly with reduced load times. Successful migration for an online Magento-based store is guaranteed to offer an outstanding shopping experience for your customers.

    Always ensure that the changeover process is as painless with minimum load times as possible for both you and your consumers. There should be no downtime in your activities as well. This is where having a trusted Magento migration partner like the CartKnitter expert team ensures a smooth version upgrade and is more competitive than previous versions. You can be a competent partner for your customers!

    What Should You Do?

    You need an expert who will help you streamline the Magento Migration process and have a streamlined Magento commerce upgrade. Our Magento consulting & ECommerce strategy will help you grow your business in an astounding manner.

    Consider the following suggestions before beginning the actual migration process of Magento 2 Migrations & upgrades. This will help you have an easy Magento 1 To 2 migration thereby meeting your integration requirements helping you own an optimal solution with high level of performance.

    • Make a complete backup of your Magento 1 store’s files, directories, and database.
    • Convert your Magento 1 store to a clone.
    • For the Magento migration procedure, do not use the live shop.
    • Examine your shop.
    • Keep what you think you’ll need for Magento 2 migration and remove the rest.
    • Check if your current theme(s), extensions, and custom code are Magento 2 compatible.
    • Migrate the data from your Magento 1 store’s replicated database.
    • Remove logs, recently seen products, compared items, and any obsolete and worthless data from the database.
    • Install a clean copy of Magento 2 on the same hosting server as your Magento 1 store.
    • You must ensure that the store’s SEO practises and traffic are streamlined.

    Why Should You Hire CartKnitter?

    CartKnitter is a Magento development company with years of experience assisting businesses of all sizes with their migration needs. We promote meeting customer data security needs and customer loyalty. With our state-of-art technology and design strategy we make sure of enhanced customer retention rate.Our customer success team is keen about excellent customer service. We understand the importance of outstanding functionality and features of the store including streamlined checkout process, thereby offering an unforgettable shopping experience for customers. We carry out problem solving in a few clicks, and rapid escalation process is our specialty.

    We have a dedicated staff of Magento certified developers who specialize in Magento 2 upgrade services. We also have Magento Rapid Deployment Packages and Advanced customer segmentation options. Out state-of-the art Magento Technology Consulting will help you grow your business never like before. Our pool of experts and excellent maintenance team will solve any emergent issues you face with your store. Our Rapid Issue Response will solve database issues, 3rd party modules issues, responsive admin interface requirements and more.

    Our Magento transfer service is comprehensive, and is offered with a world-leading review process. Immediately after our migration process you will enjoy maximum revenue and witness a scalability for growth. Sales Revenue and future growth possibilities will leave you at peace. You will also find our management tools helpful to increase revenue and traffic.

    Every piece of data (including media assets) and existing integrations are moved to your Magento 2 store with our Magento 2 migration services. Our services for clients are streamlined to make clients happy. We have meetings with clients to understand their business environment and business processes. Screens with clients help us understand reasons clients put forth with any particular requirement. Having strong business partnerships is our crux and our core businesses. Business workflows are streamlined with payment options integration, advanced shipping solutions, reduced cart abandonment rate, high cart server response thereby ensuring competitive Ecommerce solution. Be it search capabilities, search engine optimization and level of risk tolerance, we help you to be the best advanced platform. with greater customization capabilities.

    Your current store’s functionalities are carried over to your new Magento 2 store. Our professionals can also integrate advanced features and functionalities into the new store. With migration we also ensure improved flexibility and flexibility for expansion. We also guarantee quality assurance testing and

    • Proven Work Expertise In Magento
    • Dedicated Team of In-house Migration Experts
    • Expert Management of Time and Resources
    • Budgeted and Cost-effective Solutions
    • Handled several Magento Migration Projects
    • Extensive Familiarity With Magento Plugins
    • Holistic Discovery Approach
    • Skilled and Certified Magento Developers
    • Proactive Round-the-clock Communication

    What can you expect?

    No Downtime

    • A process that isn’t hampered
    • There is no downtime.

    No downtime CartKnitter offers one of the top Magento migration services in the world. We have a streamlined methodology in place and a team of Magento experts who can complete the conversion with no downtime. This means that you won’t lose a single sale while the migration progresses.

    Magento Certified Developers

    • Magento 2.0 migration service 
    • Upgrade to the latest version of Magento

    We have a team of Magento migration experts who are entirely focused on migrating your eCommerce business to the most recent and powerful version of Magento. We are the right partner for your Magento migration project because of our significant experience with Magento upgrade services and Magento 2.0 migration services.

    Effortless Data Transfer

    • 100 percent security during the migration process
    • There will be no data loss.

    We recognize that your data is valuable to you and that you have invested time and effort into uploading and storing the necessary information. Our Magento professionals ensure that all your data, including media assets, is safely transferred to your new Magento store with no data mismatches.

    Migration of a Customized Design

    • Choose a new Magento store design for your online store.
    • Option for a custom design is available.
    • Cost-effective services

    With CarKnitter, you can either choose your new store’s website design or use this opportunity to custom design and refurbish your Magento store. Migration gives you the perfect opportunity to refresh the look and feel of your store at a cheaper cost; our professionals can help you do it..

    Transfer of Layout

    • The same design is carried over to the new e-store.
    • The selection of layouts has been improved.
    • Magento designs and themes that are appealing

    CartKnitter migration is a comprehensive process that migrates every component of your eCommerce business, including the layout. Using Magento’s beautiful designs and themes, we can keep your current store’s layout or create a new and improved one that increases customer retention and conversions.

    New features and functions

    • Customize your qualities and capabilities.
    • Cost-effective services
    • Store administration is simple.

    You can add specific features and capabilities to your new Magento store during the transfer at a significantly lower cost. Utilize Magento’s robust platform to provide your business with additional features and capabilities that will assist you in serving your consumers and simplify store management.

    Function Migration

    • Option to keep, delete, or improve a function

    After consulting with a Magento specialist, CartKnitter’s migration procedure ensures that the data and all of your store’s features are migrated. To provide you with the best Magento store for your business, our certified Magento professionals discuss in-depth the functions you want to keep, delete, and impro

    Migration of SEO

    • Maintain SEO for your new store.
    • SEO advise from experts
    • Option for SEO enhancements

    We understand the effort goes into creating an SEO-optimized website for a company; thus, our professionals at CartKnitter make sure that your SEO efforts are not in vain. Not only do our SEO experts keep your SEO efforts going, but we also make sure they stay on track..

    Migration and Quality Assurance in a Holistic Approach

    • Migration is complete.
    • Features are fully supported.
    • Assistance from the QA team

    CartKnitter’s migration process is comprehensive, taking into account every part of your business and its online presence in order to provide innovative and effective solutions that produce measurable benefits. Furthermore, our QA team guarantees that all features and functions on your new Magento store perform properly.

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      Complex processes are simplified for client satisfaction and to help meet business goals in the best way possible.


      Do you give the most recent Magento security fixes for transferred websites?

      We make sure that your new Magento store has the most recent Magento security fixes for all of our Magento migration projects. As a result, we ensure that our clients do not have to deal with the hassle of manually applying the newest Magento security patches.

      How long does a Magento transfer project take to finish?

      The length of time it takes to complete a project is determined by its size, scope, and complexity. A normal Magento migration job will not be completed in a set time. If your website sells a wide range of things, has a large blog, or both, the time required will be significantly higher.

      How much should a typical Magento migration job cost?

      A project’s pricing is also dynamic, based on various factors that determine the final cost of a typical Magento migration process. The project’s scale, complexity, and scope are among these criteria. To be more specific, everything from the number of items to the number of media assets impacts the final cost of a conversion process. On the other hand, our professionals can provide you with an accurate estimate for your project after studying your specific requirements.

      Is it necessary to engage a professional to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2?

      Although the Magento 1 to Magento 2 transfer may appear to be a simple upgrade, it is not. The most recent version of Magento, known as Magento 2, is a significant advance over its predecessor (Magento 1), to the point where it may be considered a separate platform. It’s no different than a full-fledged migration process in this regard. Thus it’s advisable to hire a firm like CartKnitter for Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration service.

      What happens if my website does not function as expected after the project is completed?

      We are one of the most excellent Magento eCommerce development companies globally, with a dependable QA staff that thoroughly inspects all projects before they are delivered. Furthermore, you can still use CartKnitter’s 30-day warranty if you have an unanticipated problem after the project is delivered. Within 30 days of the production release of our work, our experts will resolve any post-delivery issues. However, this does not cover problems caused by server/plugins, code modifications, or third-party service provider changes.

      Is it possible for you to integrate custom features into my new Magento store?

      Yes, we can add bespoke features and functionality to your new Magento store. Magento has over 5000 extensions to fulfill practically every need you may have. If the plugins do not support any requested feature/functionality, our professionals can tweak them to do so. We can also build a Magento extension from the ground up for you. The migration is most likely the perfect moment for you to experiment with new modifications in your business and have them deployed at a lesser cost.

      What are the chances of data loss or other issues occurring during the migration process?

      CartKnitter’s Magento specialists don’t leave any stone untouched during the migration process. Our in-house migration professionals are capable of securing and addressing every little detail. We guarantee that you will lose ZERO data or features during your relocation project. All of the entities are correctly moved in the target store, and their relationships are retained.

      Will my source store experience any downtime during the migration?

      For the Magento migration, we assign the best professionals. They are well aware of the challenges that come with moving. With over 99.9% uptime, we guarantee minimum downtime. Furthermore, we can arrange for a period when your website is least active, i.e., receives the least amount of online traffic. You’ll have the least amount of friction during the migrating process if you do it in this manner.

      Is it possible for CartKnitter to keep SEO URLs and produce Magento 301 redirects?

      Magento allows you to migrate 301 SEO URLs for categories and products. We construct 1:1 redirects, keep an eye out for redirect chains and loops, prioritize “SEO valuable” URLs, and test to ensure everything is in working order. CartKnitter will store old URLs in the Target Store with their current SEO rating. This allows you to have the existing links and maintain your online store’s SEO position.

      Is it possible to save order IDs while transferring to Magento?

      Yes. CartKnitter’s migration professionals enable store owners to keep order IDs while transferring their eCommerce stores to Magento. The code assigned as a unique identification with a defined order will be transferred to the destination store by our migration professionals.

      Is it possible to migrate reward points when migrating?

      Yes, Customer Reward points can be transferred to Magento. The number of points each consumer has earned, the incentives they’ve redeemed, the value of those points, and when they expire are all effortlessly transmitted to the Magento store. CartKnitter’s migration expertise can also keep the incentive program structure on the target store.

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