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April 25, 2022

We wanted to set up a shopify store from scratch and it was our friend who referred to CartKnitter. An amazing team to work with. They listened to us patiently, understood our requirements, suggested and shared what is best for us based on their experience. Today we own a store with unimaginable ROI. Many thanks


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March 3, 2022

Working with the team CartKnitter was a pleasure. Forthright, clear and concise communication regarding the project responsiveness and adaptability. Completed promptly and within budget. Thanks


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October 9, 2021

We will always and forever indebted to team CartKnitter for their innovative ideas, passion and honesty. We trust that they will always be there for us!


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September 28, 2021

A million thanks to team CartKnitter for what they are and how they have been helping us grow our business!!


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June 2, 2021

The project team and business development team of CartKnitter has done an amazing job. We wanted to integrate the Shopify plugin and they completed it super-quick, flawless.