The leading Jewelers in the US had a WooCommerce store, and they were bothered by cart abandonment. They contacted cartknitter to tackle and resolve the issue. When our experts carried out a speed test score of their site, we realized that the main reason for cart abandonment was the slow loading site. They had high-quality products and offered flawless service, but still, they were losing customers because their website was slow. The site could no longer influence the visitors besides running behind Google ranking. Page speed optimization was the only solution. The page score checking helped to understand the gaps that adversely affect the page speed. After page speed check, our Wooexperts optimized page speed for mobile and desktop. This helped enhance the user experience; thereby, the usability increased, conversion rates multiplied, and bounce rate reduced. Now the client is super happy with their brand prestige. Page speed optimization plays a crucial role in conversion rate and business success.

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