A prestigious spa company in Georgia, offering a wide range of massaging services to their customers entrusted Cartknitter with a challenging project. They wanted to set up a product page on their existing site with two variations in size and color. They also wanted square payment gateway integration and shipping configuration. Realizing their requirement for uniqueness, Cartknitter optimized the product page that reflects their style and brand identity.

We added products to the product page enabling the shoppers to customize shopping as per their needs. They also wanted payment gateway integration. The Square Payments API is a payment service that accepts credit and debit card payments directly from the website. Customers can securely make online purchases without ever leaving the website. We have integrated square payment for enhanced functionality.

The Shipping API (Application Programmable Interface) assists organizations in integrating shipping features into their eCommerce stores or current business systems. Businesses can use Shipping APIs to send, track, and fulfill consumer orders straight from their apps. For the advantage of all parties concerned, shipping carriers frequently combine to deliver high-quality and inexpensive service to their consumers. Because USPS and FedEx have a partnership agreement and provide hybrid shipping services, we’ve combined them.

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